4 Chapter 4: 100 Times The Reward, The Joy Of Naruto The Rat.

"This, do you still need money?"

"Grandpa, you don't know, I don't have parents, I'm an orphan, I don't have anything other than living expenses of 1,000 ryō a month, and this month's money has already been spent, I can only live by fishing and eating instant noodles for the days to come."

"Besides, it took me a lot of effort to catch this fish. It's not too much to charge you ten ryō. I also need to make money, you know."

Naruto's explanations almost made Hiruzen think that Naruto had learned the truth about his identity and pretended to cry in front of him! 

But after thinking about it carefully, he realized that this was impossible. Since Naruto was a child, he was surrounded by Anbu's surveillance, who he was in charge of. There were records, so Naruto couldn't know the truth.

So Naruto had grown up all of a sudden? And learned to complain and talk to others?

"Okay, okay, you worked hard. Here are twenty ryō here. I can eat two fish."

Although Hiruzen felt that Naruto's mood was very low, and he had no previous motivation at all, even so, when facing a stranger like him, he was willing to speak and talk about the difficulties he encountered. Hiruzen felt that his hope of Naruto accepting the will of fire grew even stronger.

As long as he often chatted with Naruto and established a good image in his heart, then he would be successful!

"..." Naruto silently took the twenty ryō handed over by Hiruzen.

He didn't expect that Hiruzen would give money, so in a short time, what did Hiruzen think about?

Beside the fire, both of them were enjoying delicious fish. During this period, Hiruzen took the initiative to speak a lot, and Naruto had no choice but to answer and talk.

"I'm done eating, grandpa, it's getting late, I'm going back."

Naruto stood up and waved to Hiruzen.

"Okay, be careful when you go back."

Hiruzen agreed with a kind smile.

Looking at Naruto's thin back, and through the conversation just now, Hiruzen thought about whether he should increase Naruto's living expenses appropriately. In this way, when they meet next time, he would be more surprised and grateful to him.


Ten days later, Naruto sat on the bed, waiting for Rat System to offer a hundred times reward.


[You have obtained 101 points of physique, strength, spirit, agility, and Chakra.]

[101 cups of instant noodles have been obtained.]

[101 pieces of wood have been obtained.]

[101 small iron pipes have been obtained. ]

[101 apples have been obtained. ]

[101 crucian carp have been obtained. ]

[101 grilled fish have been obtained. ]

[Reward received: Chakra refining technique. ]

[The above rewards have been deposited into the Rat Treasure. ]


"Chakra refining technique? I don't remember saving this?" Naruto looked at the last line suspiciously.

[While getting 100 times the return every ten days, you can randomly get rewards including ninjutsu, Chakra, skills, bloodline limit, etc. ]

"So that's the case. Can I use the obtained points directly?"

[Yes, or it can continue to be stored in the Rat treasure. The more copies you save, the more you can upgrade and synthesize.]

"Can it be upgraded and synthesized?" Naruto became interested.

[20,000 points of the constitution can be upgraded to Sage Body, function: increase healing power, increase Chakra recovery speed. ]

[20,000 points of power can be upgraded to supernatural power, function: comparable to the powerful power of the Senju family. ]

[20,000 points of spirit can be upgraded to spirit crystals, function: can resist all genjutsu. ]

[20,000 points of agility can be upgraded to teleportation (pseudo), function: infinitely close to the speed of teleportation. ]

[20,000 points Chakra can be upgraded to 2 Chakra fruits (small), function: Double the eater chakra after eating. ]


"This... so strong?!"

Looking at the upgraded rewards, Naruto was shocked! As long as he deposits 20000 points, he could directly get Senju Hashirama's Sage Body! What if Wood Style could be awakened too?  

Not to mention, this was an upgrade bonus for personal attributes!

He could become stronger without even doing anything! 

"System, how long do I need to save 20,000 points?" Naruto asked anxiously.

[You can get 3650 points in one year, and you can get 21900 points in six years. ]

"Six years, isn't this the time for me to go to school and then graduate?"

"So, after graduation, I can become a god?"

"System! I approve of this project!"

"Continue to save 1 point of personal attributes, and then withdraw 8 points to add to personal attributes, and put the remaining 92 points in storage."

According to calculations, 21,900 points could be obtained in six years, and only 20,000 points were needed for upgrading and synthesis, which is 1,900 points more. Then, after each hundredfold return, I could freely spend a minimum of 8 points and keep 92 points. Then six years later, my life will be stable with an income of 20,000 points! 

Don't underestimate adding 8 points each time, you must know that in one year, 365 days, you can add up to 292 points, reaching the level of Genin, and in six years, you can add up to 1752 points in total, which was at least the strength of Chūnin!

And once he gets the upgrade reward, he could immediately break through Jōnin and reach the Kage- level! 

Now that he had this system called [Rat Treasure], Naruto would be too sorry for himself if he didn't turn into a Rat!

And although most of the points were stored in the Rat treasure, adding 8 points each time was enough to make Naruto surpass ordinary people by a lot, at least one ninja level ahead!

This was also the capital of Naruto's laid-back life! When everyone would still learn to refine Chakra, he would gain strength while sleeping!


After the system finished speaking, Naruto felt refreshed!

This was just an increase of 8 points. 

Host: Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 5 years old

Physique: 10+8

Spirit: 9+8

Strength: 5+8

Agility: 5+8

Chakra: 2+8

Ninjutsu: Chakra Refining

Taijutsu: 0

Genjutsu: 0

Rat treasure: 92 points of various attributes, 100 cups of instant noodles, 100 apples, 100 carps, 100 grilled fish...


Naruto looked at the points in Rat Treasure and what he ate, and his heart was filled with a sense of harvest! A sense of practicality!

At this moment, he finally understood why the system was called Rat Treasure, because the joy of hoarding food was so good!

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