1 01: Uzumaki Naruto, The Road Of Rats.

"It's so lonely"

Uzumaki Naruto, whose soul was replaced by a youth from the 21st century, put his hands in his pockets, lowered his head slightly, and walked on the crowded street, sighing slightly at the previous Naruto.

Naruto, who had been treated like this, had not left the village or turned to the dark side, which is really amazing.

"Hey, it's that kid... It's really scary."

"Remember, don't play with him, it's dangerous."

"God knows what he'll do to you..."

"It's that kid..."

"Have you heard? That is the guy who killed Fourth Hokage."

"Damn fox."

"Why does such a person still stay in the village? What if he goes crazy again and destroys the village?!"


"Heh, if I really wanted to destroy the village, I'd kill you first, idiot." Naruto thought to himself mockingly.

At this moment, Naruto, even if he had not awakened the emotion-sensing of Nine Tails. He knew that he was being hated by everyone at this time, that kind of look, even for an adult soul, was unbearable, let alone for a child.

"Let's go back quickly before it's too late, I'm tired."

Naruto ignored the crowd around him and walked back to his home silently, lying on the bed feeling powerless.

Naruto was at a loss for his future because he had not obtained any cheat after transmigration.

It was impossible for him to love and protect the village deeply under so many eyes of hatred and discrimination like Naruto in the original book.

He liked to read hot-blooded comics, but he was not hot-blooded.

Naruto looked at the ceiling, thinking silently.


[The system has awakened, does the user want to bind? ]

"Bind! Bind!!" Naruto sat up happily.

Sure enough, although the system was late, it still came!

'My time has come!'

[Rat Treasure system has been bound. ]

"Rat treasure? What is it?" Naruto asked in confusion, was this a system?

[Using Rat Treasure, by storing anything, after ten days, you can get a hundred times the reward. ]

"Hundred times!" Naruto was shocked!

"Anything? What can I store in storage right now?"

[Currently, you can store: a little constitution, Chakra, spirit, strength, and agility. ]

[Clothes, pants, shoes, hair, twelve copper coins...etc. ]

"Is this the definition of [Anything]? Everything can be stored? It seems to be too good to be true!" Naruto said in surprise.

"Store up a bit of Constitution, Chakra, Spirit, Strength, Agility!"


[Saved, you can get 100 times the return after ten days, you can withdraw it at will during the period, but after the day passed, the reward will be invalid. ]

After the system finished speaking, Naruto suddenly felt a little tired.

"What's going on here? Was it because of the deduction of physique?"

"System, can I check my attributes?"

[Yes, the personal panel is being opened. ]

Host: Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 5 years old

Constitution: 10

Spirit: 9

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Chakra: 2

Ninjutsu: 0

Taijutsu: 0

Genjutsu: 0

Rat Vault: 0


"It seems that my constitution is the highest, followed by the spirit, and Chakra is the least because it is sealed by the Eight trigram Seal. It seems that I have to wait until I learn how to refine Chakra after entering ninja academy to strengthen it."

"So after deducting my attribute points, will it also affect my body?"


"But it's okay, although it's a bit uncomfortable, after ten days, it will be returned a hundred times! I can bear it!"

"Since everything can be saved..."

Naruto walked aside and picked up the instant noodles in the corner, given by the Third Hokage.

When he first moved here, although the house looked a bit dilapidated, fortunately, everything was quite complete, and in terms of food, the Third Hokage had prepared a lot of instant noodles for Naruto, and living expenses of 1,000 ryō per month, um, orphan treatment.

He didn't know what the Third Hokage was trying to do, intending to weaken Naruto who had a strong physique. Did he want to see how strong Naruto's vitality was?

Even if he wanted to be the light in Naruto's darkness and appear in Naruto's life, he shouldn't have let Naruto eat expired food right?

Sure enough, the so-called will of fire burned young blood but nourished the decayed roots.

[A cup of instant noodles was detected, do you want to store it? ]


Although instant noodles were not nutritious, they were Naruto's main source of food now. 1,000 ryō was not enough for Naruto. You must know that the cheapest ramen in Ichiraku ramen costs 60 ryō a bowl! It was only enough to eat a dozen times.

[A carton of expired milk is detected, should it be stored? ]


"It's expired, forget it for now..."


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