The Uchiha's in MHA (AU)

WARNING:  This will not be an OP mc fanfic.  They will be strong but also not unbeatable.  Please remember that these are kids!  While they are averagely smart they are not geniuses and will occasionally make stupid mistakes.  (They won't be idiots either.) DO NOT expect them to act like Madara would or ect.  They are still just your average 15 yo kids.  While they might show some resemblance's to their characters and receive some their personality traits, they are still their own person. As for how the dynamic of having 3 MC's will work.  It won't be 3 MC's.  Madara will be the MC with Obito and Itachi being major side characters.  Like Saskue and Sakura from the original Naruto. With that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy. --Synopsis-- When Ace Dies at the age of 15 along with his two best friends in a car accident, all three of them are given the chance to reincarnate into MHA. With three wishes of course. How will this change the future? Will it be for the good? WARNING: IF YOU LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW THAT HAS ITS MAIN POINT AS NERFED MC’S, YOUR REVIEW WILL BE DELETED BECAUSE I HAVE GIVEN YOU PLENTY OF WARNINGS ABOUT NON OP MC’S. (Characters from other anime’s will make their appearance in this MHA Fanfic.)

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After around a day, I suddenly am woken up to Obito shouting, 'We're being adopted already? Awesome!'

'Well, this is a welcome surprise.' Itachi mutters happily.

I agree with both Itachi and Obito, this is defiantly a good thing. Of course our old parent's will never be replaced and we'll always love them, but we don't want to grow up without a family. Sure we have each other, but we don't want to go through the hardships of surviving on our own.

We don't want to have no family to celebrate holidays or birthdays with. We want to be surrounded by people who love us. Even if its just one or two people it's better than being alone.

I understand that some people would find this undesirable wanting to have no attachments to people or whatever, but to that I say, go to hell edgy edge lord.

'I wonder who adopted us?' Obito asks absent mindedly.

Itachi then replied, 'Considering how quickly we were adopted, it is most likely a close family friend of our mother's or maybe even distant family member.'

I shake my head, or at least I try to. This infant body doesn't really listen to what I want it to do. 'Your probably right. I doubt that there is anyone who'd just walk into a hospital and ask to adopt some kids who's mother died.'

The other two then simply agree with me. Before too long Obito then asks, 'I wonder who our father is and what happened to him.'

This time, neither Itachi or I could come up with a decent explanation. 'He's probably dead. Either that or he's abandoned us.' I state in a serious tone.

'Yah. We can look more into that when we get older. For now let's just hope that we get a decent adoptive family.'

Itachi then asks, 'Madara, how's your vision?'

I then actually notice something, 'Actually, now that I think about it, it's really good. Yah, it's defiantly way better than in my previous life and I'm still an infant.'

Itachi then hums in agreement, 'So it's as I thought. Your natural vision is on a completely different level than other humans. It's the same for me, it seems that even as an infant I have a slightly higher calculative ability then in my previous life. It must be because of my ancestor's physic just like yours.'

Obito then asks annoyed, 'What's so special about my physic then? I haven't noticed any difference.'

Itachi then replies, 'I wouldn't say that. You definably seem different.'

Obito then grows excited, 'Oh? How so!'

Itachi then replies with a snicker, 'You seem like even more of an idiot.'

Obito then shouts back, 'Shut up!' His infant body was unable to contain the emotions and began crying. Itachi and I meanwhile burst out laughing.

After a little more time passes, the door then opens up. The nurse who had fed us earlier comes inside along with a woman behind her.

What really caught my attention about the woman was that in her arms she was carrying what looked like to be a two year old girl. Both her and her mother had bluish periwinkle colored hair. The mother was relatively tall standing at around 5ft 10 inches. She was overall very beautiful.

As she walks in and looks at us, there is a look of sadness in her eyes. "So these are Leah's children?"

The nurse then nods, "Yes, the oldest, is Madara, then Obito, then the youngest is Itachi. They are triplets all of which are completely healthy. The only concern is the strange circles like scars on Obito's right side. I wouldn't worry too much though as they are probably just a birthmark."

The woman nods while wiping some tears from her eye's. She then smile's at us with a look of love and warmth. "So you three are the little Uchiha brothers huh?"

She then chuckles to herself while setting her little girl down. "Hello you three, I am Gara Hado, your new mother." She then gestures to the little girl who was now doing her best to peek her head between the bars of the crib, "this is your older sister Nejire Hado."

Nejire looks around two years old. She has bright blue eyes, very pale skin, and extremely adorable face.

Our new mother turns to Nejire and states in a kind and warmth filled voice, "Look Nejire, these are your younger brothers. It's going to be your job to look after, take care of, and protect them. You think you can do that?"

Nejire then puffs out her cheeks, "Yah! I won't wlet anywone hwurt thewm." She then looks at us, and then looks at mother, "How old are thwey? What's thewre namwes? Can I hwold thewm?"

Itachi Obito an I all burst out laughing causing our little bodies to start giggling. 'I don't think we'll have to worry about not having a family of people that care about us.'

I simply nod my head, while Itachi agrees.

I then decide to try something. I begin crawling over to the edge of the cage until I am directly in front of her forehead which was just above the mattress along with half of her eyes.

Seeing me crawl of she stops her constant jumping, which she used to get a better view, and just stood there. After around a second she then raises her hand and waves, "Hellwo."

I then chuckle which results in my body giggling. This causes Nejire to smile and laugh as well. Taking this opportunity I reach through the bars and tap my two finger's onto her forehead. This causes her to burst out in a fit of giggles.

Itachi, who at this point has developed enough to make out blurry images of people then mutters, 'Hey, that's my thing.'

I then chuckle, 'Our's now.'

Itachi then scoffs back, 'Go to hell.'

I then snark back, 'If I do then I'm taking you two with me.'

'Hey! What'd I do!' Obito shouts in a mock panic.

Before we could finish, mother then state's, "Alright, well I think it's time to go. Boys, let's go home.'

With that, our lives in MHA truly begin.

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