The Tyrant Billionaire

An unrighteous and a cold hearted man. a villain who struggled from the bottom to the top of society. to overcome his foes he chose to be ruthless and immoral. In a world full of cruelty Jon Hardy had no intention to hold back. A story of a man who traveled back to 1945 equipped with his knowledge of the future and his profound wisdom, Jon Hardy is determined to pursue his ultimate goal once again.

DaasWolfe · Urban
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261 Chs

Chapter 178 General Nussen

  Bank of New York Mellon and First National Bank of San Francisco followed with similar offers to Citibank's, while Bank of America's offer was slightly higher than theirs. The security business of Bank of America's Los Angeles branch was undertaken by HD Security. The two sides had a pleasant cooperation before, and Bank of America was willing to reduce the interest rate by 0.6%.

  Andy and Hardy discussed and considered Bank of America as a viable option.

  At that moment, someone from Wells Fargo came to see Hardy. The person was very polite upon meeting Hardy and said, "Hello, Mr. Hardy, I'm Henry Wells, Vice President of Wells Fargo, and I'd like to have a chat with you."

  "Of course, no problem. I'm curious, Mr. Wells, what do you want to discuss?" Hardy invited him to take a seat.