The Tyrant Billionaire

An unrighteous and a cold hearted man. a villain who struggled from the bottom to the top of society. to overcome his foes he chose to be ruthless and immoral. In a world full of cruelty Jon Hardy had no intention to hold back. A story of a man who traveled back to 1945 equipped with his knowledge of the future and his profound wisdom, Jon Hardy is determined to pursue his ultimate goal once again.

DaasWolfe · Urban
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261 Chs

Chapter 171 Vito Corleone Wakes Up

  "What time did you leave after meeting with them, and what happened after you left?"

  "After we finished our discussion, I chose to leave and go home. I found out what happened later from the newspaper."

  "So you don't know who attacked Sollozzo and McCluskey?"

  Michael shrugged, "Of course not. Do I need to know?"

  After the questioning, Michael and the lawyer left the police station. Although everyone suspected the Corleone family was behind it, there was no evidence.

  The US is a country that requires evidence. Without evidence, even if he did it, you can't convict him. Moreover, there were witnesses who confirmed that Michael left the restaurant and got into a car. A few minutes after he left, two cars arrived and attacked the restaurant. No one saw Michael directly involved.

  Even if the Corleone family was responsible, Michael didn't personally carry it out, nor did he need to.