The Tyrant Billionaire

An unrighteous and a cold hearted man. a villain who struggled from the bottom to the top of society. to overcome his foes he chose to be ruthless and immoral. In a world full of cruelty Jon Hardy had no intention to hold back. A story of a man who traveled back to 1945 equipped with his knowledge of the future and his profound wisdom, Jon Hardy is determined to pursue his ultimate goal once again.

DaasWolfe · Urban
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269 Chs

Chapter 169 The Second Generation Godfather

  Michael returned home to find Sonny and Tom arguing again.

  Sonny was adamant about killing Sollozzo, while Tom continued to advocate for negotiations.

  "Sonny, you've already killed Bruno. Do you know what the other families are thinking now? They will think you will go after them too. They will unite, and if that happens, the Corleone family won't survive."

  "Sollozzo called, saying there's still room for negotiation, otherwise, they will act soon."

  "So, what do you suggest?" Sonny asked, frowning.

  Tom shrugged. "Sollozzo wants us to send a family member to talk, someone from the Corleone family."

  "I'll go," Sonny said, frowning.

  "No, they said you're too impulsive and can't go," Tom replied.

  Everyone turned to look at Fredo, the second son of the old godfather. Under their gazes, Fredo's eyes darted around, clearly scared.

  Everyone knew he was timid.