The Tyrant's obsession Book

novel - Historical Romance

The Tyrant's obsession


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“In the end we discover that to love and let go can be the same thing.” – Jack Kornfield _____________ She stared into his grey eyes as he walked closer to her. He pressed his body on hers as he peppered her neck with kisses. “Will you give yourself to me?” He murmured in between kisses and Reign felt like her body was about to combust with pleasure. “I already belong to you” ~~~~~~~~~| Reign was abused by her madam Diana and daughter her whole life then she found out that all she had ever known had been a lie. She found out that her mother hadn’t died from natural causes but had been murdered and had gotten all the inheritance that was supposed to be hers, stolen. She didn’t know how she was going to get revenge till an opportunity presented itself. A royal decree showed up one day and announced that Isabella would be getting married to the second son of the king who was known to be very ugly and a Tyrant. Isabella didn't want to get married to him so she made Reign go in her place. Reign didn't want to but after finding out about her mother, she is then advised to get married to the prince so she can become Queen and can make the people who killed her mother pay for what they’ve done but it's not as easy as Reign had thought and she definitely didn't expect the kind of love the Tyrant poured on her. Will she be able to accomplish her mission or will love blind her from her goals?