The Tycoon Inheritance

[Congratulations, host on your successful transmigration. Thank you for your patronage. You have been allocated the Tycoon Inheritance System. Do you wish to bond with the system?] "Inheritance?" Now known as Chen Kai in a parallel world to his original earth, he is given the gift to live this life as carefree as ever. "No, citizens to lead. No wars are to be fought. No politics. No demanding missions. I'm back to being a simple nobody with endless opportunities" [Host would you like to bind with the system to gain your inheritance?] "Sure. What's life without some perks? ....... ><.... Ode to the light and web novel authors who brought me such joy from their face-slapping stories, enviable rich young masters, and deserve-to-die characters. Please allow me to enter my 'just for fun' book. I need a change of pace. This book is fiction. Remember that!!! ...... -_- ..... Yes, you can say it's trash if you wanna.

Devoted_laurel · Fantasy
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Aiya! Who made this glorious day?

Was it the entertainment gods?

Did the planets align?

Is it because it's Friday?

How can one day be so drama-filled?

It's like watching an interesting TikTok only to find out that there are additional parts to look for.

At this moment, in front of the student body that can be counted as more than a hundred, the main actors of this college drama have arrived on the stage.

The stoned path that leads to the Faculty building is connected to numerous paths leading to other administrative buildings. The path Lin Shen and his tail, Zhang Rui were trekking on, happened to be intersected with the path leading from the Admissions Office and the President's office.

Maybe it's an innate skill but there are people who can capture drama on their phones like a sixth sense.

When Lin Shen was spotted, a few onlookers set their phones to recording, and one or two boldly used live broadcasting and began to commentate like news reporters.

As Lin Shen hastily made his way to the parking lot to leave campus, he still had a good way to go causing him to pass on an intersecting path. Through his haze of anger, he was still aware of his surroundings. Everyone was pointing and snickering behind their hands, mocking him with their gazes, he hated that these simpletons saw him as a joke.

Turning onto a path on the right, he caught sight of two men walking in his direction. At first, he thought of them as visitors to XXX University but as he got closer his body halted upon instinct.

He knew these two men.

The sight of them can make his heart stutter in fear. They are the ones he can never catch up to and can only bow his head to them.

Father and Big Brother.

Why are they here?

"B-Brother! Father! Why didn't you call me? I would have met you at the gates. Why are you here?" Lin Shen spoke with the utmost respectful tone as they got closer. The congenial smile on his face began to falter when he saw the thunderous look on his father's face. The older man's tall and strapping body became larger in his sight.

"You! Ungrateful bastard!"

Lin Shen's eyes widened in shock as his father's large hand came tunneling towards him. His brother was within his vision, watching the scene with an indifferent look.

He couldn't move nor lift his arm to shield his face, he was truly fearful of his father's anger.

That hand connected to his face within a second of thought.

The connecting of flesh was loud to the ears of everyone around them. Lin Shen could only steady himself as he lost balance of his posture when he was slapped. His eyes teared up just as his face burned in pain and embarrassment. There was a loud buzzing in his ear mixed with a panicked shout of his name.

Lin Shen was in a daze.

His father struck him.

No one has ever laid a hand on him since he was born now..... his father did so?


His flesh and blood can be treated like this?

"Lin Shen!" Zhang Rui approached him and brought his dazed state into her arms. She glared at the old man who was doing the same. "How dare you hit him? What is the meaning of this?" She was really playing the role of a loyal woman.

Lin Xian stepped forward with a disdainful smirk on his lips. Zhang Rui's eyes showed her recognition of the man before her and Lin Shen retreated two steps, muttering his brother's name under his breath.

"Oh? Who are you to speak to him so boldly? It seems my little brother has yet to teach you about your.... role in his life. Well, there's no position for you anymore is it?" Lin Xian's words were mocking and belittling. From what he heard from President Nian and recalling the morning he met her, he knew this woman was one who preferred the easy way to success.

Zhang Rui listened to Lin Xian's words and was able to put two and two together. Luckily she was able to get the answer four before digging the pit she dug for herself any


"Uncle! I'm sorry for my outburst. Your family's way of discipline simply caught me off guard. I apologize." She shamelessly tried to wash away her previous shrewlike behavior and picked up the act of doting on Lin Shen.

"I see that your skin is as thick as your makeup. Leave!" Lin Xian was already giving her face by conversing with her yet she wished to be shameless.

Lin Shen pushed her away and avoided her hands. He lowered his head trying to place some distance between them.

Zhang Rui noticed this. "Baby?" She couldn't help but call out to her boyfriend. She needed him to survive. He said he loved her and would care for her. How can he chase her away? Why was he allowing his brother to talk to her that way?

"Go away," Lin Shen ordered. He didn't dare affiliate himself with her at the moment. He was under his father's pressuring gaze. Anything foolishly said can shift things onto a more negative side if he's unable to placate the old man.

"Little girl, leave us or this will get uglier for you," Lin Xian commented coolly.

She didn't move. Zhang Rui stared blankly at Lin Shen and then at Lin Xian.

"Young lady, though you are partially at fault for this black spot on my family's name, I prefer that you leave my sight," Lin Yang said albeit too calmly.

How can she refute this?

This was the chairman of a billion-dollar group of companies. He witnessed and experienced all walks of life and knew how to read people. How can a simple woman play coquettish in front of him?

Nodding her head like a pecking chicken, she sped-walked away from the trio.

Silence reigned after she left.

The eyes around them were becoming bolder.

Lin Shen was becoming uncomfortable. His cheek was already swollen which made his face unsightly. "Why don't we go back to my apartment? Standing out here isn't suitable. I had some last-minute things to do here, that's why I was able to meet up."

Lin Yang silently wondered where he went wrong in his child's upbringing. Thinking back, he recalled the times his wife began to coddle Lin Shen excessively and allowed him to indulge in a lot of frivolous things. Her talent in annoying him until his blood pressure rises helped in discarding the child's lesson he planned for him. The child has grown so willful that he lies straight to his father's face. His own son became one of the cliched rotten second/third-generation lids that he despised.

"I think it's a fitting spot to have a talk. After all, you don't care for privacy or etiquette," Lin Xian commented.

Their father allowed him to talk while he observed Lin Shen. He was certain that this child would speak additional lies. The old man didn't care for the audience around them. His second son's deeds were already known. Why hide the brat and sully his family name further? Since he wants infamy, let it be so.

"What are you talking about, Big Brother? I've done nothing to go against what I've been taught," Lin Shen spoke easily. Inwardly, he was worried that they would find out that he was expelled. He was also curious as to why they were on campus.

"Student Chen Kai."

That name was like a gong sounding off in his head. The contempt he naturally had for the guy was visible on his face before he concealed it. But. Lin Xian saw it.

"Don't say that name, Big Brother. That kid provoked me. I let him go because he was my dorm mate," Lin Shen commented smoothly.

"Oh? Then you didn't seek revenge to protect your reputation? I guess the Lin Family name is nothing to you huh?"

Lin Shen didn't catch on to his brother's goading. He was only focused on the fact that they had a common enemy and that he was finally understood. "Of course I did. Poor bastards like him have to bow down to people like us who have real wealth. I was able to pay off a little company manager where he had a 2nd job interview to cancel it. Now he has to survive on that pitiful job as a taxi driver. He's so pathetic that his woman looked down on him and left his sorry ass." He forgot his embarrassing look and spoke with great gusto as he told his brother what he did.

Lin Xian's face became solemn. Was his little brother that petty? What did this Student Chen Kai do? The report from the President didn't have any note of provocation or reason. All the offenses were done by his brother on his own accord. This mentality was destructive.

Chairman Lin no longer saw his youngest son but a stranger. Their family grew on a foundation created by struggling food stall workers and small shops in a third-tier city. How can they teach their descendants to look down on these people?

He heaved a heavy sigh. "Xian, you're in charge of this. I will be in the car," he said quietly and left.

Lin Shen heard his father and thought his words meant for his big brother to deal with Chen Kai. He was still ignorant of the reason why they were there and focused on a plan to socially destroy Chen Kai. All his anger and superiority complex stemmed from his weak mentality. His emotions were guiding him and that was dangerous.

Lin Xian waited until their father was out of sight and placed his attention back on Lin Shen who was anxiously waiting on him. Without warning, Lin Xian swung his right hand, connecting a backhanded slap to his little brother's face.

"You are a disgrace to this family. Do you know how humiliating to come here to be told of your oh-so-marvelous deed? Your failing grades. Your arrogant behavior towards mid-class students. Framing a student of an unspeakable crime all because you don't like him. Do you know what broke our father's heart? Your blatant disregard for your family name and using it to overpower people in the name of bribery. Years of training and still no good outcome. A disappointment."

The fury in his big brother's eyes was clear but the young man kept his composure as he spoke. Lin Shen had no words to say. His mind was working quickly trying to figure out what his father and brother would do.

They found out. What will they do?

He didn't stay long on the problem because he knew his mother would be on his side.

The fawning look he had on his face as he spoke to Lin Xian was gone. Lin Shen returned to the arrogant demeanor he always had while strutting around campus.

"So what? It's not like the first time this has happened," he said with a scoff. He wanted to rub his swollen face but his pride stopped him.

Lin Xian knew what he was thinking. How can he not? He witnessed that development numerous times.

"Mother won't save you this time, little brother. From today, you are no longer the second son of Chairman Lin Yang......"

"What are you talking about?" Lin Shen muttered, crossing his arms impatiently across his chest.

"You are banished," Lin Xian clarified with a cold grin on his face.

Lin Shen chuckled. To him, this is all a scare tactic. His mother won't let them do this.

"Oh?! Do you think I'm bluffing? It has all been settled. All you have left is the money in your account and the apartment your mother rented for you. You have one more year on the lease, right? Now you get to experience the life of those you disdain. I wonder how far someone with no work experience, no concept of money, and no college degree. Not even a graduation certificate, after all, you're expelled. I wish you luck, Lin Shen." Lin Xian turned on his heel and retraced his footsteps.

It wasn't until he was a few feet away that Lin Shen came back to his senses. When his brother spoke, each word was like a nail hammering into his coffin. He realized how serious his father and brother were. The pressure on his head and shoulders became heavier. He felt like he was being trapped in a small box. How can they do this? He was their blood. No. This can't be happening.

"Brother! You can't do this! You're joking right? Let me see father!"

Lin Shen's pitiful wails were heard as he ran after his brother.

Everything was captured on video and quickly shared. Those who were close enough to hear the conversations between the brothers forwarded it along within their friend circles until it reached the school forum. It was constantly being shared.

As expected this development was purposefully sent to a specific person.


While the antagonists were dealt with, our male lead was caught in an unbelievable scenario.

For twentieth time since he transmigrated, he, once again, questioned the level of intellect of the people who wish to provoke him.

"Why do I get caught up in these cliched scenes?"