1 Prologue

It was a peaceful night in New york, the people were happily enjoying themselves while others were pissed because they couldn't sleep.It was the case of one Leonardo Dicaprio who was constantly banging his head on his cushion because of all the sound he could hear outside.It was like a constant buzzing noise which really pissed him off, so he decided to go outside and make it stop before he lost his mind.

When he exited his house something felt weird.He could still hear the buzzing noise but for some reason he couldn't locate it.He searched around his house but found nothing so in a last desperate attempt he went in front of his personal pool.Immediately after he arrived in front of it, he felt some sort of cable strangling him while an unknown person was behind him, pushing in front so that the cable would prevent Leonardo from breathing.

He tried to free himself but the person was too strong, so he put his hand on the cable and desperatly tried to atleast push it so that he could breathe again.Sadly the cable was too sharp and his hand were bleeding while the cable was dangerously compressing his throat.

After a few minutes Leonardo began to loss consciousness and the Assassin stopped strangling him.He threw the body of leonardo in the pool and cleaned his cable with a tissue.He looked at the corpse of his victim and sighed.

"It's so sad i had to kill you Leo, you were one of my favourite actor.Unfortunately it seems that someone was so jealous of you that they decided to engage the world most dangerous assassin in order to eliminate you."

The Assassin sent a last cold glance towards the corpse and came back to his car.He started to drive for a while and after an hour he arrived at a 5 star hotel named the plaza hotel.He went to his room and undressed himself but the sudden sound he heard stopped him .

*Music Clout Cobain by Denzel Curry*

The Assassin took his phone and answered the call with a frown on his face.

"What the fuck do you want!?"

The person who called was stunned for a few seconds but managed to recover and began to laugh anxiously.

"Haha!My friend no need to be so angered!I take it that you killed him?"

"Firstly i'm not your friend!Secondly yes i did kill him but right now i'm pissed so you better give me more than what we first agreed on!"

"What!?That doesn't make any sense!"

The Assassin calmed himself and smirked evilly.

"It's either that or in a few days the news will report the sudden and tragic death of Bratt Pit!!"

The Assassin ended the call and decided to have a much deserved shower.After an hour under the hot shower he exited it just in time to hear another phone call.This time however he smilled widely when he saw who called him.He answered the call but before he could open his mouth he heard an excited and sultry voice coming from the phone.

"BIG BRO!!!"

"Lil Sis!!How you doin'?"

"I miss youuuuuu!!When are you comin' back?!"

"Hahaha!!I'm gonna take the first plane for miami tomorrow and then i'm gonna directly come back home!!"

"Yay!Oh!By the way i forgot to tell you but your girlfriend is there with me!"

Suddenly a shy voice was heard instead of the excited one.

"H-hi kais!"

"Ehhhh!?So you're there too?Well stay with my sister until i come back so that we can have some fun tomorrow!"

Kais couldn't see her flushing face but the embarrassement was evident in her voice.

"O-okay i'm gonna wait for you here but come back quickly i m-miss you!"

"Yeah yeah don't worry Jennifer!"

He ended the call and went to sleep immediately so that he could wake in the morning and not in the afternoon like he does most of the time.While sleeping he thought about his conversation with his girlfriend and for some reasons he found her tone weird so he decided to call his sister.

"Hey sis"He said in a tired voice.

"Um yeah what do you want?"Came the even more tired voice of his dear sister.

"Do you think Jennifer knows about my other job?"

His sister suddenly snickered and answered in a mocking tone.

"Bro of course she knows.You left so much proof in the house that even if i tried to hid it all i wouldn't be able to."

"Yeah yeah i know you're too lazy to actually even try to hide it.Well it's sad but i can't let her ruining everything"His face suddenly became emotionless and his tone so cold that it could freeze anyone.

"Kill her"

"Nyahahaha!Of course bro!But i want a reward after that!"

"Okay okay i'm gonna buy you that car you always wanted"

"Yay!I'm finally gonna drive a bugatti!"

"*Sigh*Well i'm tired so see you tomorrow or later if something unexpected make me late"

He ended the call and finally fell asleep but a strange light began to surround his whole body.It circled arround him and after a minute he dissapeared in a flash.At the same moment another person dissapeared in Miami, preventing her from accomplishing the mission her brother gave to her...Or not.

Kais woke up in front of a woman who had a bloody knife in her hand and a way too satistfied smile on her face.


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