1 Where it all began

Opening my hazy eyes a little tremor ran through me, as I looked around the bright white room before I slightly recoiled at the intensity of the room brightness.

"Where...?" Was all I could summon for a thought in my head, and what resonated out of my dried sore throat which felt like it had been lined with sandpaper. Moving my head around I saw my body, but something was amiss.

I was covered in a red liquid, blood!

But weird I wasn't panicking just astonished, as soon enough I found out why, with the memories flooding into my head, explaining why I wasn't freaking out or probably making a scene.

Ambushed at the front entrance of a bank, stabbed/beaten by a gang multiple times before being shot at the legs so many times. I had broken so many bones that it was easier to count the bones that weren't broken in my body.

Fortunately, my neck and my skull were a bit away from snapping and popping like a pop can.

So why wasn't I panicking? Because deep down I already knew I wasn't going to survive, or putting it straight I knew I was toast.

Which my brain suppressed and processed the memories slowly enough to protect the little sanity I had left.

But something else quickly caught my attention again as I looked down at my haggard body. The blood was clothing its way back into my flesh, and my bones filament slowly but miraculously merge it broken pieces forming a perfectly healthy body.

The rag clothes full of stabbed holes miraculously knit themselves back, the same way my body was doing as no more blood came off my damaged body.

Thinking this was me on the verge of insanity, I chuckled at myself before realizing I felt great with vigor once again.

Must have been me going into shock, right?

That was what I thought before a voice resonated loud enough to grab my attention.

"Sorry about that, my child, getting authorization to heal newcomers takes a bit of time." A soothing voice, almost like a melodic rhythm spoke out with an apologetic tone to it, "But now that you're healed, please follow the line, okay?"

I squinted my eyes a little before shifting my eyes, looking over at what spoke to me. But suddenly my vision went blurred for a moment, as to not being able to make sense of what I was looking at in front of me. Looking at the room, everything else was in perfect clarity except the figure.

So blurry to point that I couldn't make out its appearance. It was like looking at something, or someone in the corners of your eyes, on the edge of your peripheral vision, you just can't make sense of it.

As if sensing my utter confusion at his lack of discerned figure, the being flickered like a broken lantern before speaking once again.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot show you my true form. It may sound rude but you wouldn't be able to comprehend, and in the end, it would drive you to lunacy." For a second I felt annoyed, it's would think so lowly of me. But soon I calmed down hearing its magically soothing voice, the voice didn't sound like it was telling me a lie, nor did it sound like it was hiding something.

And why would it anyways? If it wanted me dead, it could take nothing or less to kill me instantly, and if it wanted to use me for some scheme, then so be it. There was no odd I could fight a figure that could mentally break me just by showing me its true form.

So along with the thoughts of helplessness, I just nodded my head before speaking, "If you say so, I guess I don't have any choice than to believe you. Anyway, can you please explain to me why I'm here? I'm pretty sure I just died, and there's a blurry figure in front of me!

So am I in the afterlife or something? Am I about to get reincarnated? Am I going to hell? Are you God? are you an Angel? Or are you the de...?"

The moment I started speaking out words, questions just kept on blurting themselves out of my mouth, that I had little time to stop my tantrums.

A sharp ringing sound filled my head before I could finish my last question. Opening my eyes the scenery in front of me had changed again.

The moment the ringing sound disappeared, I could see a vast space filled with whiteness but different from the previous one I had seen, this one had a colossal gate in front of me.

I was lost in my amazement, that I couldn't stop myself from gasping in a fluster at the sudden change of environment and the colossal gate with an engineering mechanism that was bigger than anything I have ever seen or come across in my entire life.

Not only its size but the glowing golden runes that were like large chains that were connected to the engineering mechanism colossal gate formed an intricacy set in style.

However, that wasn't the only amazing but also odd thing. My eyes swept the surrounding from left to right, as it seemingly appears there were countless numbers of inches naked babies of various gender popping out one after the other.

Everyone appeared the same way, suprisingly this also included myself. As I looked at my tiny body still overwhelmed while I thoroughly examining their features, of harmonious delicate soft hands and exquisite tender baby skin. Pure and untainted of anything.

Still, in awe of my own body, just then a booming voice resonated loud behind me to almost make me yelp in fright.

"Children please move, and follow the line!"

Slightly turning over to look, what I saw was a human figure with a beast head and four huge wings. Its wore a bright white robe and its wings resonated in an exaggerated flashy rune pattern in milky-white. Its mane and muzzle had hairs of a lion but this time golden, only what seemed visible was its piercing golden gaze that ran a shiver down my spine.

"Child, follow the line," The lion man said, in a low voice yet it sounded more like a loud growl to me.

Out of fright, my little figure jumped, but it seemed like I was rather floating than walking"What's happening?"

Looking over at all the babies, they all looked dazed or flustered as well. As if unaware of what was happening, all they seem to know was that we were being ordered to move towards the colossal gate.

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