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The Tribrid System


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Read my second novel for wsa The Vampire Cat System. Tobi died. He died and lost everything that he cared for. Those that cared for him, lost Tobi. He was gone from the world, from his place with only his memories remaining. A cruel twist of fate rebirthed him into a World as the child of a demon. Demons, the sworn destroyers of humanity lay waste to all that was in their paths and took lives without restraint. This world was not anything like the one he lived in. It was darker, bleaker and downright cruel. Tobi had to adapt or die... Painfully. He had to gain power at every step of the way, for that was the only path that would let him have this second chance; The only path that would guide him to answers he sought endlessly; The only path… that will not be of the Tobi that remained in memories. On his journey again, he learns to live. He lives a life of a demon child turned Tribrid, unparalleled amongst his peers. He paved his journey with the blood and the lives of his enemies. He had a purpose and a battle. A match… a fight against Fate itself. Edited_By Daoist_Void. ------- Important Message To New Readers! My first few chapters writing quality isn't professional nor is it bad, but I am also editing them just Incase of typos and grammar *errors. I would also like to inform every readers that this is my first novel, and of course might be full of different mistakes besides the writing quality, and the use of system elements. So please bear with me. ____ Schedule:14 - 21 Chapters/week. Chapter length:1k - 1500words. -------- Before I forget, I don't own the cover but wasn't able to find the creator either. If you know the artist, feel free to inbox me on discord: CollinX_BrainZ#8444 also here is my discord server https://discord.gg/vRAxvTN

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