1 The game begins!

'Just like my Sweetheart, the color white is a sign of purity and innocence. It's a color of perfection. Hence our wedding theme will be white.'

A pleasing and naive smile on the bride's dainty face was unwavering remembering her groom's words. Her slender fingers brushed on her multicolor eye-catchy bouquet which had flown from overseas on her request.

She was wearing an elegant designer wedding gown accentuating her slender, lissom physique, her chocolate brown long hair was in a beautiful updo holding the exquisite veil. Her spotless milk-white cheeks were flushed hearing her friends tease her nonstop with a rain of compliments.

Her heart was drumming against her chest while her foot was tapping on the floor in anticipation waiting for the groom to pick her.

She bit her lower red lip softly in anxiety thinking how her playful devilish friends going to torture her genteel groom.

Her mellifluous voice sounded, "Girls, are you sure I look good?"

Her friends started chuckling hearing her ask Nth time nervously.

A tall girl tapped her nose, "Good? Babe, why do you always underestimate yourself?"

Another girl kept her hands on the heart making a depressed face, "Only if we could look half beautiful as you."

"My beloved, how about the wedding night with me?" Another girl stroked the bride's chin as she pouted to kiss her.

The bride flushed red pushing her away.

Her mobile went off sounding her favorite ringtone. She tried to grab it but slipped.


The breaking sound of her mobile falling on the floor separated her eyelashes away from each other waking her up from the haunting nightmare.

Her black eyes shimmered from the summer sun rays falling on her delicate skin. Her one side of the lips tugged up sinfully, her black and red ombre nail tips tapped rhythmically on the black bedside table.

Aarvi Evans looked like a snowflake on her black king-size bed.

The peace which her name says had left her a long back when she was on the deathbed. Now she is ready to ruin the same peace from the lives of the people who snatched it from her.

Now she is a predator, no more easy prey.

Her pink lips moved to sound her soft voice but held no warmth in it.

"The game begins!"


At the International Business school of Mocon

International Business School of Mocon is the best in the entire country A located in Mocon city. To study in that famous college either the students should have the top ranks or should be from a highly influential background to afford to study there.

The day was the announcement of graduation results and the whole school was bursting in joy.

The joy on results day?

Yeah! It was joyous because the youngest prince of the Mocon passed his exam and was throwing a grand party to everyone.

The girls were swooning on the youngest Prince of the city while the boys enjoyed the fun and drinks with girls forgetting their own results.

Sean Harmon, handsome, tall, frivolous young man. The third young master of the Harmon family, a prominent wealthy family in country A. Growing up with a silver spoon, he was pampered and spoiled by both his family and his friends.

Without any ambition or goal in his life, he just used his name and got everything he wanted without any effort.

His number of ex-girlfriends... Nope! It should be, his number of non-girlfriends in the school is easier to count than his number of ex.

His playful, unruliness was never controlled by anyone. His grandparents or brothers always solved his mess without a word.

In his expensive designer wear from head to toe, he was carelessly dancing between a group of girls who were trying their best to get his attention even if it is for a night.

Why not?

Because they will be bestowed with lots of expensive gifts. Some were even greedy to enter the Harmon family for the lavish lifestyle.

"Sean..." A loud voice broke between the rock music causing him to turn to the source who pointed him in another direction.

Sean beamed in excitement seeing two of his favorite figures, "Bro..."

He ran over and hugged his elder brother and sister-in-law happily. Sean never felt the void of parents with those two around him.

"Congratulations Champ." His brother greeted him patting his back.

"I'm so happy for you darling." His sister-in-law kissed his forehead fondly.

Sean gave them another hug together and shouted under loud music, "Are you guys joining me on the cruise party?"

He was throwing a three days party for his successful graduation.

Sean's brother gently shook his head while his sister-in-law responded near his ear, "Sean, we are going on a business trip. We will party again when we return, alright?"

Sean wasn't disappointed. He brightly smiled, "It's a deal then."

They bid him and left to meet the dean of the business school to pay the remaining amount for passing Sean Harmon who had left his exam answer sheets empty for a few... Nope! all the subjects.

Sean saw the fireworks delivery arrive. He grabbed two and ran towards the terrace with his friends following him closely with the rest of the fireworks.

Music volume was lowered, pausing everyone in disappointment and confusion then they heard Sean, he was jumping on his toes shouting from the terrace, "Make some noise folk."

"Oh..." All cheered as loud as the thunder of the dark clouds in the sky.

The professors and many students' expressions were ugly but they couldn't possibly stand against the younger brother of the largest shareholder and director of the business school.

Sean lit the firework in broad daylight of the summer under the blazing sun standing at the edge of the building in excitement.

He took a step back raising his head to watch but the next second everyone froze down on the ground. They forgot to breathe, their eyes widened at the unexpected event.

Sean suddenly lost his footing and fell down from the sixth story. He felt his world turn upside down in a mere second. He could hear his heart drumming harder than ever.

He knew the fall is ending his life.

While the fireworks continued to blindly disappear in the bright cloudless sky, a few girls on the floor shrieked in fear, "Ahhhh..."

In just a second, the celebration was completely chaotic.

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