1 Prologue

This book aims at opening your eyes and spurring up your thought beyond the conventional norm with the main character's experiences and his rare knowledge of solving mysteries.

Divine is a rare child, who can decipher things hidden from the ordinary eye and can also see events even before they happen. However, with his exceptional ability, he can easily predict the meta-construct of the elites whose aim to control the entire system with technologies and absorbing humankind into the system as bionic beings. However, how can this be possible, if there isn't a perfect meta-construct to connect humans with the system?

This book will open your eyes to things you think you know but know nothing about the Deep Dark Secrets (DDS = DIDS).

Author's POV

From the code reached of Deep Dark Secrets, the Digital Current System is reached as the revelation, where DS in DIDS will be driving code as D19. While the revelation of the System (19) is AI, which is the code for Artificial Intelligence. That's A = 1 and I =9.

Nevertheless, in the heart of DEEP is a unique code gotten from EE. That code is the DIE code, which is Electricity and Electronic. Electricity generates the current energy, while electronics do the transfer. If you cannot see D19 in the current surge, then, you need to open your eyes to see what you need to see.

(Do not break the sequence, keep reading, there is much to discover, as this book will wow and open your eyes to a knowledge unconventional)

The elites are the brain behind certain happenings in our world today. They are known as the enlightened ones who have deliberately design programs to keep gullible multitude under perpetual bondage, to exercise a form of power through their ignorance, as the ignorant ones do not even know what is happening because we are driven by an invisible thought. It will take the very truth to penetrate the core of some deep secrets and liberation can only come with the truth. When people's eyes open to the construct of the evil system that uses electronic signal as an arrow into the heart of the eye, the system will start losing its grip over mankind, since in one way or the other, our thoughts come under control. Nevertheless, knowing the truth makes you inquisitive to find out the drive of any system.

The reason for Divine’s ability is to solve some unknown problems posing dangers to the current society, but his unconventional knowledge eventually became a threat to the system that tends to control the affairs of humanity, as it is now exposing their secret agendas to implement their meta-construct.

The system will oppose Divine's knowledge by calling it conspiracy theory, to prove that truth is the greatest conspiracy.

Divine’s unconventional knowledge is now sort after by great minds who are mostly scientists, philosophers and sages, running the course of the system as new agers.

What Divine thought was a dream, now confronts him face to face in reality. He grew up as a child not just accepting any knowledge without first questioning it. His inquisitiveness led him into a quest, seeking the greater truth about what we have come to accept as true knowledge, it was like going against the tide, but his zeal has consumed him. However, since his foundational knowledge during his pre-operational stage of development was the English language, he started his quest by questioning the concept of the alphabetic codes (A –Z) with his revelatory knowledge that often comes as impulsive thoughts that he literal feels and know is not his, but an invisible thought resting in his heart of heart (ear). He had to question what he studied about operations of the number base system. His quest led him into finding "why is A called A?" and "why do numbers exist without a limit, while alphabets don't?"

Using the principle of the number base system with their alphanumeric connotations, he reached a knowledge you will find out even as you continue this journey reading this book. The knowledge he reached now became The Transformer’s principle.


A – Z is considered as the transformer’s model by Divine's principle, and he will explain this knowledge before the Council of the Great where he shares his unconventional knowledge. After questioning the principle of the alphabetic system and numeric system, he will try to paint the implication of the deliberate program to our mindsets now running on the alternating current of reality.

"The Tra Grade S" aims at revealing the answer to the questions that have lingered in our hearts.

Divine being the main character of this book will be sharing the knowledge of his experiences and this will further lead him to stand before the Great Minds.

For clarification, "TRA" is the short form for TRANSFORMER from the author's point of view, nevertheless, translated to mean "to liberate". Education is supposed to liberate us from ignorance, nevertheless, the contrary is now the case. We all need liberation from education as a result of distortions and twists. The higher we go, the more ignorant we become.

Tra is a Sanskrit word from trayate. However, we cannot talk about the word "trayate" without bringing in the word "mantra".

Mantra is simply a vibrational sound that permeates every chamber of life and allows us the awareness to dissolve and repose. Mantras are the revelation of ancient secrets kept sacred from several aeons, mysteries that continue to benefit civilization irrespective of its state of affairs. In Sanskrit, it is said, Manana trayate iti mantra. Mantra is that which saves you from receptiveness. A repetitive thought is a worry. Mantras help to free you from your worries. Often we wonder why we chant some sounds without understanding their meanings.

Can something beyond our understanding help us?

People tend to deny the existence of anything beyond their understanding, by this, I mean, it is what they understand, that exist in their world and the limit of their thoughts. This is where humanity's fall out begins, in thought.

Divine will be explaining some deep enigmas, using the conventional words that you are used to in the English language, but will be revealing the hidden thoughts in them that will wow you. When you are unable to understand what they teach you, it is not abnormal to easily dissolve and move into a meditative space. This is one of the rare ability of Divine, to understand the thought behind any principle or school of thought, looking deep down into his mind instead of outside.

Divine is a very weird child with a rare and unique gift called Knowledge Experiencing Life’s Light (KELL). Kell is the envelope of Divine's thought, such that, right in his heart the knowledge he reaches is saved in impenetrable storage, in the form of crypt vaulted in his mind. Divine has a very strong will, and for that reason, people do not like him, because once he resolves his mind, he remains steadfast to whatever decision so as not to temper with the frequency of his inspiration. The way the mind of Divine works, would always leave people awestruck, as people tend to consider him a weird child because of his alien thought and manner of viewing realities. His experience became his form of education against an invisible thought impressing our thoughts even without our knowledge.

Nevertheless, Divine is on a mission to expose the drive of evil system with a defined code, which has a beginning and end, when knowledge should not; they put a limit to knowledge by limiting us to thinking what they want us to think in their defined limit is what we should think, having known that as we think, so we are.

Most of the contents of this book are the narration of Divine’s nightmare experience.

“THE TRA GRADE S” is full of encrypted deep thoughts from the deep stream, revealing the Transformer’s Grand Design. However, THE TRA GRADE S means what the deep stream reveals. Nevertheless, I have deliberately separated by picking up the first three letter of GRAND and adding up the first three letters of DESIGN. Therefore, by separating S from the first three letters of DESIGN, such that S would now define an independent and autonomous system, which will be explained as Divine keeps divulging some deciphered knowledge to some audience of Great Minds that he was invited to share some vital information with.

However, the first three letters of GRAND reveal separately, the secret code of this book as a SIGN of Divine Experience (DE), of which, the last two letters of GRAND, reveals a position of man as the second in the Divine hierarchy, but do we know who we are?

I mean, ND defines the Nature of Divine, which you can right spell as Divine Nature, where “OF” becomes the current bond “AND” or the dotting function of an invisible impulsive signal called inspiration, pointing to the fact that a force is fighting against our true nature and that nature is our LIFE-FORCE.

In this aspect of the book, I will explain briefly the background and the hidden knowledge in codes. However, it may not go the conventional direction as in the normal configuration of writing a novel.

Therefore, you need to sharpen your mind’s eye to see deep and dive into the avant-garde stream of dimension, as the contents will provoke your thought with the mind-blowing revelation by inspiration beyond the normal and this will be a sign.

People will not often believe anything is real until they see a sign, and this is the major reason why we disconnect from our true essence.

However, this book will show you a sign for good despite its fictitious nature. You will know that those who hate truth will see it and be ashamed, because the knowledge released by inspiration is a sign that the mightiest of all forces is now dwelling in men who are open and humble, teaching them to refuse the evil and choose to do good.

….refuse the evil?

…which evil?

These were conversations taking place in the mind of Divine, it was as if, his mind became a platform, where deliberations of thoughts recur, such that each thought in a way affects his cultivation and orientation toward life.

Who is Divine?

Divine is the main character of this book, having an encounter with a supernatural force beyond his control. On the other hand, Divine is being controlled by the only uncontrolled force, to resist the control of the system now dragging the world into chaos, with the guise of making the world a better place. Nevertheless, right is being turned left and left turned right, as the world seems not to know what is good anymore, equally as good is now being opposed, while evil promoted as the new age well. It is called the opening of the eyes, with the pilot program of the eye, as Divine's mandate is to defile the influences of the program of the eye with the knowledge divine. This is the sign…

From the cradle, the thought line of Divine tends anti-direction the conventional norm, but he could not just understand why. He desires to live a normal life like every other person, but that was never possible for him, as his deep knowledge of things poses threat to every system he finds himself, even when not taught those things that he now knows. However, Divine was dragged into a state of obscurity, as he tries to find out his true identity in the world of great carnality, as something deep down in his heart keeps reminding him, “You are not what they say you are, you are I AM’s”.

Divine became self-dependent as he relies on and believes nothing, except that which agrees with his inner convictions, which is the supernatural force driving his will with the form of thought impulse and speaking into his ear. Divine can hear thoughts clearer than voices, so as a result picks frequencies of people’s thoughts and often time respond to the thought of people when they are speaking with him. Nevertheless, this makes people scared of him, as they feel insecure with him since he could easily detect the secret of their hearts.

It began from a distance far from reach with a ticktack sound, brought to reach where time now regulates everything, just with the spoken words, “Let there be…!”

An ancient device that defiles modern technology brought to view slowing downtime for eternity to reach here in a flash as light. Hanging in a dimension beyond the cloud is like a puff of smoke fogged into the cloud-like a graphic designer playing around his paint, creating a background with a visibly blurred image of a clock ready to splatter his thought. However, the designer has his thought, seen is a dark matter radiating and emitting what looks like light and dragging nothing in, and out of, came something. It was black, a hole cracking something into nothing and shooting out nothing to become something, with a whirling force, no man has ever comprehended its mystery. There was a collision, as things started forming from the in with massive explosion, dragging in and throwing out something indescribable with radiating lights no naked eyes have seen. A beast like a dragon keeps appearing and disappearing in the air in a fog form, though like an illusion, the vision is not a trick, not like a mirage that appears real but never catching reality. However, in the heart of this young boy, he knows, as he has a very clear memory beyond what was impressed him growing up after his birth, that he exists somewhere not near where he now is. He saw the present from time past all the happenings and he could not explain how he saw, even when nothing was the form. Eyes started forming into thoughts, but in an impulsive signal form, looking for a container to rest in, found a secret tree (ST) and poured out the content into the heart. The young boy saw the contents poured in as the power eye (life) with the nature of the source bonding the reflected eye (light), driving the will before there was a form, there is a form and that form is the ultimate thought now known as SPIRIT. Therefore, the form became the nature of the thought, now becoming the body of the SPIRIT with the content of life (PI) and light (RI), where PI defines the Principal Idea, and RI defines the Reflective Idea called knowledge.

Knowledge broods reality and it is simply insightfully engrossing in nature.

The world runs on knowledge, if you do not know, your mind rebrands to function as their program (zombie).

What do you know?

Tick! Tack! All exist but in a void unavoided avows awakening, a potent reality with appearance, nothing became something as education now rides on the will of an invisible system with an eye on the summit of the pyramid.

An arrow released, as the current impulse defining the form of impression enters the heart of the heart (ear) as thought. The void was a dark space, where a forming thought became the impulsive signal (A – Z) from a source that stays on the alpha but never proceeded to the Omega, however acting as the Omega in the heart of men with an irresistible force driving the International Standard. Nevertheless, the thought-forms to reveal light, originally not evil, but with darkness unobserved, it has also born monsters against the stars.

When Divine was about a year old, he was attacked by a strange force. However, the attack led to convulsion that left him lifeless, as his parent tried everything possible to resuscitate him back to life, but all attempt failed. In an attempt to resuscitate him, artificial respiration did not work, but flogging him became the last option after all attempts failed, all to make him respond. Nevertheless, there was no response at all, because, he had journeyed far to the past. After much effort by his parent to revive him, his Dad held him on his lap and he lay there lifeless, while his mother was weeping uncontrollably. Somehow, Divine sneezed, and came back alive, staring at everyone present, as they were all like transparent glass to him. He was seeing into the depth of everyone’s soul, who was standing. He saw them all lost in thoughts, as emptiness brew, all he could feel for them is a pity.

The experience of what happened to Divine, at about a year old was told to him by his mother when he was nine years old, but somehow, he was not surprised, because he knew everything that had happened in his past, even beyond what his parent thought they knew about him and his past.

How did Divine know what happened in his past?

The answer to this question reveals Divine’s rare ability to connect a supernatural force that brings information to his mind in the form of impulsive inspiration.

There was this fateful night Divine had a nightmare and woke up crying!

“Why are you crying?” his Mother asked him and he started by narrating his experience…

Why from a pristine source emerge a monster with a corrupt thought?

Find out the answers to the questions in your heart in the chapters of this book!

The flow of this book will start as someone narrating Divine’s experiences and then, switch to Divine communicating as the first person singular “I”.

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