The Toxic Deal Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Toxic Deal


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(Mature Content) *No Rape* EXCERPT:- ' I hope that you liked this little gift for your Twentieth birthday. I also hope that you have already felt that feeling which is wrapped around your heart like a vice. Fear. I like that. And that fear has a form and shape and that's ME. Your worst nightmare. You have messed with the wrong person Miss Bria Maxwell. P.S. Be a good obedient girl' Bria Maxwell, an ordinary girl living with her guardian and six orphaned kids happily and peacefully. What happens when a tornado appears in her life unexpectedly taking away everything that she holds close to her heart? A control-freak, dominating, cold-hearted Devil always gets what he wants. But this time he has to face a strong-willed and stubborn girl. Will he be her Devil and ruin her as he promised or will she be his Fire and burn down his dark world? The secrets will be spilt, betrayals will cause pain, lives will be at stake and the hard choices will be made... all because of that deal. THE TOXIC DEAL! NOTE- THE IMAGE USED IN THE BOOK COVER BELONGS TO THE AUTHOR!


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