The Tomorrow People (TV Series SI)

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Teleporting to a mostly empty alley next to a pool hall on the lower east side of Manhattan, spotting a couple homeless kids from ages seven to nineteen loitering around.

A little girl ran over to me and hugged my leg.

'Easy target, I'll be able to eat a good meal at the kitchen tonight.' I heard the little girl's thoughts while feeling her hand using a little knife to slice into my jeans pocket and steal my money.

'Haa, the soup kitchen should be free…' I released a mental sigh and used telekinesis to repair my jeans while grabbing the little girl's thieving hand.

"Hey let go!" The little girl said loudly enough to draw attention.

"Hey, how many of you guys want a meal tonight?" I raised my voice and asked the assembled kids who took notice of mine and the girl's interaction. I could hear the varied aged grouped kids' thoughts and read their body languages easily enough to tell they were weighing their options to see if it was worth getting involved to help her out.

"You…see I got five hundred bucks here for anyone who can tell me about the soup kitchens charging you guys to eat." I declared loudly and proudly while feeling Russell glaring at me from my side before he let out a mental exaggerated sigh.

'Great, you and Alexandra break up and you develop some sort of hero fetish!' Russell jokingly telepathically said to me as a lopsided smile made its way onto his face.

'Oh, fuck off Russell…you can't tell me you don't want to help these little shits have a full meal tonight at least…' I replied to Russell mentally who gave me the equivalent of a mental middle finger before nodding in agreement.

'Fine, but if this backfires and pisses off Cara and John it's on you.' Russell finally said as the little girl looked up at me with big eyes as I released her hand and forced a fifty dollar bill into her hand.

"Your…you're not going to hurt me for trying to steal from you?" The little girl asked me and I learned from an older girl's thoughts that her name is Sarah.

"Hahaha, nah…I'm a thief too, just a better one than you…here take it, just be careful with it." I told her gently and almost laughed as her face flushed and her cheeks puffed out cutely while an indignant light started to shine in her eyes.

"You're a meanie head!" Sarah pouted and stomped on my foot before turning around and bolting down the alley only to stop at a corner and stare at me from behind the corner of a wall.

"And don't I always end up take'n the blame for our mischief?" I asked Russell with a smirk as I made little air quotes with my fingers.

"Hmm-hmm, right let's go play heroes…we got all the information we need anyways from these kids…I'm surprised nobody took your offer of cash." Russell hummed jokingly before replying with a wide smile spreading across his face as we learned that some of the soup kitchens that don't try to turn kids over to CPS had been taken over by a Bosnian brotherhood, and charge kids to eat now.

"Yeah." I nodded as I heard a couple of boys thinking about attacking and taking the money from Sarah…making my big brother instincts kick in which made me use tk to unite and tie their shoelaces together.

'Hey brat…if you want a safe place to sleep go here.' I mentally showed Sarah how to get to and enter my and…Alex's secret hideout.

'You're a superhero!' I heard the girl's mystified thoughts before Russell and I teleported to the lair to get information from TIM, the A.I. John stole from Ultra.

"Hello, Mr.Stefan…Russell..how can I help you?" TIM asked us with a friendly toned voice.

"Tim we need you to track down an organization referred to as the Bosnian Brotherhood and their affiliates." Russell replied with a very serious voice, giving a rare display of seriousness.

"I'm sorry Russell but I must notify Johnathan and Cara that you and Mr.Stefan are up to your usual irresponsible actions." Tim replied with his constantly exasperated British toned robotic voice.

"Hey, hey… no need to do that TIM remember who upgraded your processors and ram for you the other day! Come on help a brother out." I said sweetly to the A.I. a fake friendly grin stretching across my face while my voice remained playful with a slight threat hidden within.

"Haa, very well…Mr.Stefan I am emailing you all the information I can retrieve on the Bosnian Brotherhood from local law enforcement databases along with social media accounts." TIM replied in a drawn out way while my iPhone pinged with information, displaying maps and hot locations where the Bosnian Brotherhood's operations are based.

"Thank you TIM, you're such a good mate." I told the A.I. while clapping Russell on the shoulder and teleporting to my base, transferring the data over to the iPad and computer while turning on a projector.

"We can't go up against these guys alone…you need to reach out to her." Russell told me for probably the hundredth time as Sarah sat in the large plush chair eating apple slices and peanut butter.

"Who is…her and she?" Sarah finally had enough and asked with a pouty expression.

"My ex-girlfriend, Alex." I muttered while rubbing the bridge of my nose.

"Hmm, I don't like her, especially not if she broke up with super powered big brother." Sarah said with a firm voice even though in her mind she thought it must be because I was a big meanie head to Alex, and that is why we broke up.

'Little Brat ,what a "Typical Woman" thing to do…blame the man for everything! Even after I went out of my way to help her.' I thought to myself and felt the urge to teleport Sarah into the east river.

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