The Tomorrow People (TV Series SI)

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Waiting 24 minutes for the wash cycle to complete, moving the linens over to the dryer, also one I stole from a laundromat, putting the quarters in the machine and selecting the cycle.

Teleporting inside of Chang's…Chen's whatever the place is called, Chinese food restaurant…returning the nod from the average looking middle-aged Chinese-American man, who used his chin to motion towards a table, spotting Russell who was already kickin back eating some steamed meat dumplings.

"You better have saved me some dumplings for me, Cheech." I joked to Russell who always kinda had that stoner look to him when he wasn't doing Martial Arts training.

"Haha, order your own Richie Rich." Russell joked back at me as I used remote teleportation to teleport one of his dumplings into my mouth.

"Damn, how are you able to do that?" Russell asked me in an amazed and slightly annoyed tone of voice.

"Ehh, I'mma freak amongst freaks…if you broke out almost as soon as you were born you'd probably be as powerful as me." I replied to Russell after Tammy, the owner's daughter who is an extremely cute 18 year old girl and a senior in highschool brought my usual over to me.

"Hi-hi Stefan." Tammy greeted me a bit shyly as she set a large heaping plate down in front of me.

"Hey Tammy, nice to see you…your dad's been bragging about how you're getting into Harvard." I replied to her with a friendly smile.

"Hey Tammy! You know my boy here is single now right?" Russell told Tammy playfully while throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Truly, I'm sorry Stefan…I know you and your girlfriend were very close." Tammy consoled me by resting her hand on top of mine, while her thoughts were insincere 'Yes, Stefan is single…'

"Thank you Tammy, it was time for a change anyways can't spend my whole life with one girl now can I not…not when there's a beautiful girl like you." I replied to Tammy who blushed slightly and moved closer to me.

Tammy's father said something in Chinese a bit loudly that I assumed to be get back to work as it caused Tammy to stop flirting with me and return to the kitchen.

Shooting Russell a look.

"Aww come on man, you need to get out there…spread your wings, sow your oats…quit moping over Alexandra." Russell playfully replied to me while giving me a mock noogie.

"Come on fuck off Russell." I joked while pushing the guy off of my playfully.

"Haha." Russell laughed at me as he went back to eating his food and I started eating mine.

"So…what's going on with Kara and John?" I asked curiously.

"Your brother…breaking out, I'm surprised you aren't handling it yourself." Russell replied to me with an arched eyebrow.

"It's our mom…she keeps pumping him full of pills, instead of just accepting that he's one of us it's fucking annoying." I replied to Russell while slamming my fist against the table making it tremble.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Yeah…I mean you know what things were like with my parents, when you found me and helped me out of the trouble with the mob…I won't pretend to understand but, maybe she's just trying to protect him from everything that being what we are means." Russell sighed sadly as he still feels like he lost his family even though I intervened and helped him and his parents out.

"Ultra…Jedikiah. Haa, you're right Russell it doesn't help that John keeps trying to paint our deadbeat dad as some kinda Messiah, not to mention he's to paint me as my father's second coming." I replied to Russell while running my hands through my hair.

"Haa, yeah…I'm glad you didn't let John brainwash me, I would have been waiting around for Roger Price to be my hero too." Russell replied with a sigh sounding disappointed in himself.

"Haha, sure you wouldn't be waiting on that babe who stole all your money, to come back to you?" I asked Russell with a little smirk on my lips.

Fuck you! I knew I shouldn't have called you for help in tracking down Talia." Russell cussed at me without his usual bit of playfulness.

"Sorry bro, I didn't mean to hit you there…I guess I'm accidentally lashing out." I apologized to Russell while taking a sip of a beer that Tammy had brought out with my food.

"I know Stef…and I know you didn't mean it the way it came out, but Talia is the only woman I've ever loved and she ripped my heart out." Russell softly said his chow-mein and dumplings were forgotten about.

"I know how it feels…I might have fantasies about sleeping with my female friends…but there's only ever been one girl I've loved in this life, and she's gone now." I muttered softly while leaning back and taking another sip of beer.

"Alright enough feeling sorry for ourselves, let's go out tonight and hustle at some pool halls, and get white girl wasted." Russell said to me as he pushed his plate of food away from him.

"Haha, sure let's go have some fun and take a bunch of Saps for their money." I joked playfully as I pushed my own plate away and threw down a hundred dollar bill.

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