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"Sorry Russell…Alex and I broke up." I apologized to Russell while making the situation about me by telling him about my break up.

"Haa, shit man…wanna go party…best way to get over somebody is to get into somebody else." Russell joked, filling his voice with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

"Haha, isn't it supposed to be under someone else?" I laughed and asked Russell while playfully pushing his shoulder.

"Maybe if we were babes, but we're dudes so it's in someone…unless you're into being on the receiving end…" Russell replied to me and jokingly hinting at the fact that I might be gay if I wanted to get underneath someone.

"Fuck off, you half Asian that sucks at math." I shot back at Russell who made me fail my math exam after trying to teach me trigonometry.

"Hey, it's not my fault your white inbred colonialist brain can't handle my mad Asian math skills." Russell joked back to me waving his hands around with some flourishes.

"I'll have you know my mom and dad were only 8th cousins twice removed, so I'm no more inbred than you with your mom and dad being first cousins with some colonial blood mixed in, bitch." I joked back to Russell, both of us pausing for a second before bursting out into laughter.

"HAHAHAHAH." We laughed loudly together before Russel let out a sigh.

"Haa, Stef man…I wish you'd come to the lair more often so we could hang out, everyone else there is so boring and you know mommy and daddy constantly have those little spats between you and Cara's connection and now the connection she's feeling developing between her and Stephen. It's just nice to have a bro that's down to earth and can bust balls with." Russell sighed and leaned back to lay against the smooth rock of the overhanging cliff ledge.

"Yeah…maybe I'll hang out more now that I don't have Alex to keep me busy." I replied to Russell while standing up and offering him my hand to lift him to his feet, but then smirked and left go of his hand after lifting him a foot off the ground, but Russell caught himself using tk and I lifted him the rest of the way to his feet using my own much more powerful and well trained tk.

"What was that for?" Russell asked once he was on his feet with a little pout on his face.

"To see if you've been training or just sitting on the couch eating Gummy Bears and drinking beer." I replied to Russell who was embarrassed enough to look away from my eyes.

"Training gets so boring, everyone at the Lair besides John and Cara are cannon fodder in a fight…and they just beat me up to show their dominance to the other's so now body gets the bright idea to challenge their leadership, and the only guy who actually trains with me avoids the lair like it's infected with the plague." Russell replied to me and shot me a bit of a hurt look making me roll my eyes since I knew Russell was a pro at emotional manipulations.

"Fine, I'll start kicking your ass everyday for now on if that makes you feel better, ya knock off Jackie Chan." I joked to Russell and dodged a kick, and stopped a palm strike mid air using tk, and when Russell tried switching it up to teleport around me and throw blows of punches and kicks I teleported as well dodging everyone of his ill conceived attacks before sending him flying with a tk shove…right off the edge of the cliff.

"SHHHIIITTT ! ! !" Russell and I yelled out in unison and I blinked off the edge of the cliff, blinking, being my affectionate term for teleporting a short distance within eyesight.

Seeing Russell falling, I reached out and wrapped him in a blanket of my telekinetic energy and slowly lifted him back up to the edge of the cliff, just in time from him being impaled on a dead tree that looked as though it'd been struck by lightning.

"I need to go change my underwear." Russell said as he dropped onto his knees gasping for breath.

"Yeah…let's stick to training inside of a padded in-door space…I wouldn't want to make my best friend go splat by accident." I replied to Russell trying to hide how terrified I felt that I almost killed him.

Russell looked up at me and shot me a smile making me feel a miniscule amount of relief that he didn't hold it against me.

"Meet me for dumplings at the usual spot…your treat since you almost killed." Russell joked before teleporting away, which I followed soon after to go back to mine and Alex's former love nest/hideout to grab some money out of the safe.

Unlocking the safe that was near the turntables, I noticed Alex's clothes were gone and that I couldn't sense her mind within the hideout, opening the safe's door finding that there was only one ten grand bank stack inside.

'Looks like I'm going to have to rob a bank again.' I thought to myself while feeling empty inside as I took a few hundred dollars bills out of the stack and threw the band away in the garbage.

Looking at the train car, finding my feet carrying me inside, to see that Alex had changed the sheets and made the bed while leaving the dirty ones in the laundry basket, that I quickly picked up and threw in the industrial grade washing machine, that I stole from a laundromat, putting in the quarters a selecting the cycle and pouring in the soap/softener.

"Man, why does it bother me that I'm single for the first time since I was 13 in this world, I should be jumping for joy and fucking as many beautiful women as I can." I muttered to myself while sitting down in the chair next to the washing machine, as memories of Alex and I finding this place and restoring it just the two of us.

'Haa, first loves are hard to lose.' I thought to myself as I teleported to the Chinese spot that is like a safe haven for those like me who can't control their telepathy yet because it's a dead zone unless you actively try to connect with somebody's mind.

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