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Teleporting into our little hangout/love nest in an abandoned subway sub-station, as Alex and I tore off each other's clothes, our shirts and jeans going flying leaving me in my boxer briefs and Alex in her green lingerie she knows always gets me going, while we both put up a valiant effort trying to force our tongues down each other's respective throats.

We'd both started wearing clothes that could be unbuttoned or unzipped for easier times having quickies whenever the mood hit us, whether it was in a janitorial closet at school or her parents' kitchen pantry.

'I need my superhero boyfriend's super cock inside me right now! Stefan!.' Bella communicated to me through her thoughts, having mastered the art of keeping her thoughts to herself unless she wanted to communicate with me, since we were ten and she figured out I had superpowers.

'I might be your superman babe, but I'm no hero.' I replied teasingly yo Alex as I broke the lip lock teleporting behind her, bending her over a turntable, using my fine and finesse filled use of tk to slide her lacy green thong with beautiful ivory themed plant work wovd out of the lace, down her thighs to floor as my boxers quickly joined them.

'You'll always be my hero, my Superman…even if the world sees you as the villain.' Alexandra mentally communicated with me. "Now fuck me already! I've been waiting all day!" Alex said to me both vocally and mentally as she pushed herself back at me and with a great deal of luck managed to spear herself on my cock my cock sliding into her warm, wet tight cunny that always seemed to fit me perfectly like a glove that was tailor made to fit my hand.

"FFF-UHH-CK!" Alex and I both moaned out at the sudden intrusion and engulfing of our sex's.

The sounds of my thighs smacking against Alex's perfect bubble butt that ripped slightly with my every powerful thrust as I stimulated her erogenous zones using tk while also mimicking a pleasure hold on her neck, gripping the sides so as not to put too much stress on her windpipe but also allowing the heightening effect of fulfilling Alex's choking fetish.

"Yes yes yes, do that mind thing where you sink our pleasure and make it loop." Alex commanded as I felt her start to peak and had to use tk to support us both to remain standing upright.

"Damn baby." I panted as Alex started using the muscles she'd built up doing ballet to devilishly massage my cock inside of her as I paused in my thrusting as I felt our mutual climax building as our synchronization caused an ever increasing amount of shared pleasure between us.

"Let-Uhh-us cu-unm already you bastard!" Alex expressed to me as I leaned over her back pushing myself as deeply inside over as possible, pushing against her cervix, while moving my hands to grip her breasts.

"Fff-uhh-ck." I groaned out as my vision went a little white and my head spun, while I came hard, my thighs got sprayed with a warm fluid as I shot thick rope after rope into Alexandra's center making her throw her head back while a gurgling/scream left her lips.

Alex was unable to communicate with me mentally or verbally as she was completely lost in a pleasure filled haze as I teleported us to our bed in the restored and converted subway car.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Were you serious about wanting to have kids together and marrying me?" Alex asked me in a dreamy/sleepy and somewhat insecure voice as she cuddled against me with her head resting against my chest and her one long perfectly proportioned legs thrown over top of mine and then with her foot anchored under my leg effectively trapping me in bed.

"Yes, but only if you feel the same way…we're both attractive people and could get anyone we want if we didn't want each other." I replied to Alex even as I possessively grabbed her ass with one hand and rubbed along her arm with the other.

"Stef…part of my parents' problem is that they got together and had me when they were too young…I don't want us to end up resenting each other the way they do." Alex started to say with a bit of a nervous tick in her voice.

'God, how do I do this? How do I say this, just pull off the bandaid Alexander and tell him you think we should take a break to explore other interests.' I heard Alex think or rather say and regretted the fact that I didn't actively suppress my telepathy around her as she had made it a rule since we first met to be ourselves around each other as I felt her go ridgid.

"Stef…I-" Alex went to say but I quickly cut her off.

"I was the one that opened this up, since that's how you feel, let's take a break." I replied as I used tk my affectionate name for telekinesis to unglue Alex from my side, before standing up and teleporting around the train car converted into a living environment to dress myself.

"You can take the normal entrance, yeah?' I asked but I wasn't really waiting to hear her answer as it felt like my world was crumbling around me for the first time probably in part due to my rampant teenage hormones as I teleported to YellowStone national park standing on a cliff overlooking the park.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Haa…" Alexandra sighed as she let her head fall onto the pillow, missing Stefan's strong warm chest pillow and his steady powerful heartbeat that always seemed to lull her to sleep.

"What have I done?" The beautiful young woman asked to the empty space as she curled in on herself and started to cry.

"I'm such an idiot, just because he joked about kids and marriage. Fuck you mom for making me so insecure about myself and my future with Stefan." Alexandra spoke softly to herself as she punched the pillow angrily.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Fff-uhh-ck." I sighed as I sat down at the edge of the cliff looking over the vast and rare display of such lush wildness.

"Hey man." I heard Russel greet me as he teleported behind me.

"Hey Russel, I'm still not going to join the overzealous Ninja Turtles fan club." I replied to him, making him laugh and sit down next to me.

"Haha-haa, man…Cara…was wondering if you could help identify a new breakout?" Russell laughed before sighing and asking for help.

"And Cara couldn't come and ask for help herself?" I replied to Russel questioningly.

"Hey man don't shoot the messenger, I know you John and Cara have that whole love triangle thing going on…because you and Cara have some weird synergy connection and you helped her when she first got to New York, but don't take that weird messy shit out on me." Russel replied to me waving his hands in a surrendering gesture, and if Russel wasn't the only guy I was friends with I probably would have pushed his annoying ass off of the cliff's edge.

"You're lucky you're my best friend Russle." I replied to Russel in a way that showed my annoyance at his antics.

"I'm your only friend that you don't want to sleep with." Russel pointed out which made me smack my forehead, since he was right as I only considered him, Astrid, Cara and...Alex as my friends and I wanted to bang three out of the four.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

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