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"Is that Stephen or Stefan, babe?" A male asked at an uncomfortable volume to my sensitive ears, which startled me out of my thoughts by the slight pain in my ears at his deep and somewhat loud voice.

'That voice, it sounds familiar.' I thought to myself and realized that I recognized the voice of the man which led me to peek over the shoulder of the woman holding me. I was able to recognize the face of the man.

Even with my somewhat distorted vision from my earlier crying, as he looked down on me, and It was none other than Rodger Price, from one of my favorite tv series that was cut short called The Tomorrow People.

At least that's how I recognized him, since I never bothered to learn the actor's name that played the character.

Since I usually only ever bother to learn the names of the main characters, and that's only if they're hot, and he didn't deserve that much effort since he was just a plot device in the show, used to make the main character Stephen help a group of underground refugees and rebel fighters.

My mother turned to look at him, making me face another crib with a baby boy laying inside of it.

"I don't know why he's crying. Stephen is fine and sleeping soundly, it's just Stefan who woke up from his nap early, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. He's probably just hungry." My mother replied as she rubbed my back gently as she opened the door of the fridge and pulled something out of it, and moved out of the room with the cribs and into the kitchen where she took out a bottle of milk and started warming it up in a pot of water that was on the stove.

'Really, really? As if my first time around wasn't bad enough, did I really have to get reborn in a world where my uncle is a slightly insane genius who's obsessed with giving himself powers to the point he formed his own organization to hunt people with powers?' I thought to myself and even though I loved the show on a deep level and was heartbroken that it never received a season 2, it didn't mean I wanted to be reborn in it.

"I see." He responded with a slightly concerned but tired voice before walking upstairs.

'I really wish you weren't working with Jedikiah Rodger.' I heard my mother think to herself as she brought the warm bottle of milk to my lips.

I drank the bottle of milk, my new mother had just finished warming up for me, and started to become sleepy again.

'It's annoying being a baby, It hasn't even been five minutes since I woke up.' I thought to myself as my eyes closed and I fell back to sleep while being assaulted by nightmares of what my future might become.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

There wasn't much to write home about in my new life other than both my mother and father have super powers, and that unlike most Homosuperiors, or Tomorrow who break out (come into their powers) in mid to late adolescence through puberty, I was born with the ability to use my powers from when I awoke for the first time in this new world.

When my mom discovered me using Telekinesis to levitate a couple of stuffed animals to entertain myself and my twin brother Stephen at the ripe ol age of one she nearly had a heart attack.

Which led my dad who held me and laughed proudly at my inherent ability to use my powers from a young age to create a wearable D-chip device to prevent me from using my powers.

A D-chip being a device that somehow interferes with a tomorrow person using their abilities making it impossible for them to use said abilities.

But somehow I was strong enough to bypass the D-chip inside of the baby watch my father made for me by the age of two which shocked both of my parents.

One day I overheard them arguing about me and whether or not Rodger should make more D-chips and place them inside of things for me to wear, while Rodger argued that I should be trained to use my abilities now.

I watched as my parents started to argue more and more after that and I felt horrible that I was in part what was driving them apart.

Though I knew from the original plot of the series that Rodger had put some distance between himself and his family to protect us from this Uber powerful Homosuperior guy known as "The Founder".

Dad and mom together started my training when I was four, and under both of their tutelage my capabilities with teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis, the three T's skyrocketed.

I was even able to stop time long enough to save mine and Stephen's birthday cake from hitting the floor, luckily Stephen didn't see it as my parent or rather our parents had enforced the fact that I had to keep my powers a secret from my other brothers Stephen and Luca in case they didn't develop them.

The only really special event that I can think of is meeting my best friend Alexandra Burke, with her beautiful red hair and stunning green eyes…whose father James Burke just so happens to be a leader in the Irish Mob.

Stephen also met his best friend Astrid Finch, a cute African American girl with wildly curly and frizzy hair.

All and all besides having two brothers my new life as Stefan Jameson has been pretty great though I'm dreading my eighth birthday…as it means it won't be too much longer until my dad disappears and my mother blames herself for it.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

"Dammit Mom! You know Stephen doesn't need these drugs, you're force feeding him he's breaking out." I said to my mother as I slammed a few pill bottles filled with antidepressants, antischizophrenic pills among other things.

"I decide what you and your brothers need or don't need Stefan, now go put those back in Stephen's bathroom cabinet." Mom replied back to me calmly while crossing her arms across her chest and somehow managing to put her hand on her hip, while giving me that mom glare.

"This is why Dad abandoned us, because you're a raging bitch of a control freak!" I spat out and teleported into Stephen's room and put his pills in his cabinet before teleporting to a secluded part of the garden at Alex's house as a deep sense of regret hit me for treating my mother the way I did.

'Dammit you stupid fucking asshole.' I said to myself as I punched the side of my head multiple times.

"You got into a fight with your mom again…I take it?" Alexander asked me as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug.

"Yeah, I'm such a fucking asshole of a son…I don't mean to take it out on her, I just end up saying things I don't mean to her. When I'm really just pissed off at Rodger for walking out on us." I replied to Alex who had become my rock since Dad left, and since I didn't know if this world followed the tv show exactly thanks to my presence. I wasn't sure if Rodger was an unsung hero trying to prevent the extinction of mankind or just a deadbeat dad who bolted when he realized he didn't love our mom anymore.

"She knows you don't mean it." Alex said as she nuzzled her cheek against the crook of my neck before pulling back and kissing me and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

'How about…we take the day off and go do something fun?' Alex asked me with her thoughts as we continued making out with her pressing me against the brick wall that kept her family's somewhat large estates walk-through private garden.

'What do you have in mind?' I asked her with my own thoughts while sending her a naughty image of her bouncing up and down on my cock as I laid in her bed with my arms behind my head.

'Tempting…but Dad's home today, so maybe we could hit the arcade or the hangout…' Alex replied to me her mental voice husky with desire before bringing up her dad and trailing off while bringing up our favorite place to go which were either the arcade or the abandoned subway tunnel we'd turned into our private base and love nest.

"Or." I said as I broke our kiss leaving both Alex and I panting for breath.

"We could go teleport somewheres…I finished mapping out Asia last weekend." I replied to Alex with a little smirk on my lips that I knew drove her crazy.

"Sometimes…having a super powered boyfriend is such a pain." Alex hummed teasingly as she rubbed her temples in mock exasperation.

"Sometimes having a ginger soul sucking supermodel girlfriend is a pain too." I joked back softly which made Alex cup my balls and my semi hard appendage through my basketball shorts and squeeze slightly.

"You forgot your best friend, psychiatrist and love of your life and the girl who loves to blow things up and shoot them with guns." She whispered sexily as she kissed my neck.

"Nope didn't forget them." I replied in a very fake assured tone, before continuing on talking to piss her off just a little bit.

"My best friend is Astrid, my psychiatrist is a sexy milf that makes like a grand an hour for me to lay on her couch and talk about my feelings, the love of my life is a-ahh-ahh not so rough jeez…are you trying to make me sterile or something and here I planned on knocking you up someday and getting hitched." I started joking with Alex since I knew it'd get a ride out of her which wasn't the wisest decision as my junk paid the bill that my mouth ran up.

"God, you sure know how to make a girl feel special." Alex poutingly complained as she released my testicles and undid my and slid her soft hand into my shorts and gently caressed my balls and started giving me a handjob.

"Have to put you in your place once and awhile or else you'd walk all over me like your mom does with your dad, you Irish redheads are a dangerous lot you know." I joked and bit back the hot sigh I wanted to let out at Alex's ministrations as I looked into her beautiful emerald gaze.

"Please, you have way bigger balls than daddy…but my place is by your side not under you, above you or behind you unless we're having sex." Alex whispered to me teasingly as her eyes danced at the words behind me.

"I already told you, that is never going to happen, just cause your mom told you about pegging your dad doesn't mean my ass is a two way street." I replied to Alex while feeling a chill, why Alex's mom Elizabeth even talked to her daughter about her and her father's sex life is something I'll never understand.

"Humph, then I won't let you have my ass." Alex pouted and looked away from me even as she kept jerking me off.

"This ass is already mine." I growled as I grabbed Alex's epic and toned ass with both hands.

"Ahhn." Alex moaned softly as she pressed herself against me as I kneaded her ass cheeks.

'I'm such a lucky guy that I found Alexandra Daddario's redheaded, green eyed look alike in this life, and somehow managed to make her my girlfriend.' I thought to myself as Alex tilted her head back and we both initiated a second steamy makeout session this morning.

I decided I'd teleport us to our secret hideout before we got found out by one of the guards or Alex's parents, not realizing that Alex's mom Elizabeth Burke had been watching us the entire time and had seen me teleport into the garden and out of it.

"I knew you were a special boy the moment we met Stefan, don't worry your secret's just as safe with me as it is my daughter…though I have to admit I'm a little jealous Alex has such a stud all to herself." Elizabeth said as she stared at the spot where her future son in law and daughter had been making out with her piercing blue eyes that were filled with desire and need.

~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ~

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