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My original name was Shane T and this is my story.

I was a guy in my mid to late 20's, who was a little obsessed with reading fanfictions from anime to TV shows, even movies and works of literature; I read anything that interested me, even falling into the endless abyss that is formed by cultivation novels.

When Covid 19 hit, I lost my job and was forced into quarantine and became an introvert, by circumstance.

Wasting away my days watching TV shows, reading ffs and trying to write my own ffs, novellas and novels with little success.

During that time I found that I craved social interactions with other people less and less.

It got to the point where when the lockdown was over I would still stay inside and avoid people, since I'd rather not interact with anyone unless I absolutely had to.

The only reason I went out was to earn some money to keep being able to stream/read, and to help out my family if needed.

Doing a little bit of Facebook stalking, I came to find out that everyone was basically the same as before the lockdown if not worse.

Except for a few people, finding that almost all people my age were still immature and unable to perceive a future outside of high school, even though we'd already graduated nearly 10 years earlier, and yet they were still slowly killing themselves by doing/selling drugs and partying every night.

And even though I knew it wasn't true, sometimes, I'd think and feel that they'd become inferior to me, but I knew that wasn't the truth and only a fantasy in my mind to right off myself becoming an almost completely different person than I was before.

Since, the truth is that it wasn't long ago that I was just the same as them partying away, acting irresponsible and reckless until I got jammed up with the law one too many times and had to change.

Still I didn't judge them too harshly and in truth even felt worried for some of them, as we'd been close before my antisocial disposition became so pronounced.

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Chapter 1

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"Haa." I sighed, as I roughly ruffled my own hair. While getting out of the tractor to stretch my legs, as my thoughts started growing dark playing different scenarios out and wondering things that I could never voice out loud; since if I did people would send me to the mental ward and put me on all sorts of drugs if I did.

Deciding to drown out my thoughts and my surroundings with what most people refer to as "slit your wrists music" playing at full volume in my ears.

Closing my eyes feeling the soft dirt of the field I'd just plowed crunch beneath my sneakers, the feeling of the early fall's cold breeze licking my skin which felt wonderful against my dirt-caked sweaty skin, while the early morning rays of light from the sun shone on me and my surroundings.

The smell of fresh turned dirt and clean fresh country air with only a hint of diesel exhaust fumes filling my nostrils and lungs.

Feeling better mentally I climbed back into the cab of the tractor and started to finish up what was left of my cut into plowing the field when.

I just barely heard the sound of metal shearing behind me over the noise produced by the tractor as it ran at 2,000 Rpms, along with the sound of the plows tearing through dirt and pinging off of rocks.

"SHIT ! ! !" I growled as I angrily stomped on the clutch and two brake pedals that operate the right and left wheel brakes bringing the machine to a halt.

Putting the tractor in neutral, pulling back on the hydraulic lever slightly lifting the plows from the ground, seeing that an important bolt had snapped.

Leaving just enough in the ground to prevent me from rolling forward once I took my foot off of the brake pedals.

Of course it was one of the important bolts that kept the rippers in place, the rippers being the part of the plows that dig into and rip up the earth, one of the said rippers was hanging loosely in the air making me mutter a curse, as I moved and lifted up on the parking brake.

Not knowing the parking brake wasn't working correctly anymore due to linkages being out of alignment.

So I heard it click into place and thought everything was fine, as I jumped off of the tractor through the hole where the door to the cab should be, but was of course missing since the shit on the farm and its equipment haven't been properly maintained since I left years earlier.

'I should have just stuck to writing fanfictions.' I thought to myself as I lifted open the cover to the toolbox that was welded to the plows and should be only to find it empty.

"Fuck me." I growled as I slammed the lid shut.

"WHY THE FUCK CAN'T ANYTHING BE WHERE IT'S FUCKING SPOSED TO BE ! ! !" I shouted while climbing back into the cab of the tractor, grabbing my earbuds case and phone, putting one ear bud in and making a call.

(Ring ring ring)

"Yeah, what's the matter Bub?" My father asked and I found myself taking a deep breath instead of flipping the fuck out.

"Sheared a ripper mount bolt, went to change it and the toolbox is empty, no bolts, no wrenches nothin." I replied back to him calmly over the sound of the idling tractor.

'I should have checked before leaving the shop.' I thought to myself, feeling anger at myself mounting.

When I happened to kneel down to pick up a rock next to my foot I noticed a puddle forming underneath the tractor, while steam that only just started billowing out from the underside of the engine, which was getting blown away from me by the strong breeze, that nearly had me falling over at the were fast and wiping like they always were at this time of year.

"Fuck, the tractor's leaking coolant like a mothafucker." I continued and hopped up the ladder and killed the ignition.

Not noticing how my elbow hit the parking brake's emergency release button, normally without a downwards force that would be fine and wouldn't cause the brakes to disengage, and not knowing about the linkages being messed up, it was enough to disengage the brakes.

But the weight of the plows and tractor kept it in place for the moment.

As I was lifting up the hood of the tractor I was suddenly pushed forward by a strong wind that made the tractor groan.

But in my annoyance at my shirt catching on the metal step ladders, I didn't see the large treads of the tractor tires rolling forward towards my foot, while my shirt catching held me in place and continued to distract me as the rear wheel started running over my foot.

"AAAHHH ! ! !" I screamed out in pain as the tractor picked up speed crushing my right foot and legs making me fall to the ground as the tractor continued in its path of driving over top of me.

From my place on the ground, I just managed to see my Dad's truck pull into the field, as my vision that was already filled with black spots, turned white hot as I felt my ribs and internal organs be crushed into paste before everything went black.

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'I'm not in pain anymore.' I thought to myself while trying to take in a deep breath again I felt slightly shocked when my lungs filled with oxygen to the point of aching.

'I can breathe again.' I thought to myself while taking another deep breath, feeling only slightly startled, but mostly relieved by the fact I'm able to breathe fully with only a slight pain and discomfort, but was slightly off put by my vision being unfocused and fuzzy.

'At least I'm not a paste anymore.' I thought to myself morbidly.

'What is that noise?' I wondered to myself before identifying the noise I was hearing as a lullaby that would typically come from a child's toy, the ones that hang over a crib and spin.

My vision slowly started to clear to the point I was able to see an object either floating or hanging above me.

Through my now crystal clear vision I could see and confirm it was one of those spinning toys people put above the cribs of infants, this one was a little strange being that it was cars instead of the usual baby fair.

'What the fuck is going on.' I asked myself while trying to move my head to get a better look around at my surroundings but found that my head felt extremely heavy, and that I didn't have much if any control over my motor functions.

Luckily I was able to move my head after putting in a great amount of effort into the action, though it was only a tiny bit of movement I accomplished I marked it down as a win.

While counting myself doubly lucky when I was able to move my eyes around freely which got me a better view of my surroundings.

Seeing that I was in some kind of metallic cage with an open top with a baby's toy over top of it, I felt a bit of panic set in as the implications of this situation started to hit me.

'Oh, God no, a cage, an infant's music toy above my head. No God please no, what did I do to deserve being a baby?' I thought to myself as I tried to move my arms and saw that they moved around uncoordinatedly and wildly like a drunkard's after one too many cups, but it allowed me to see that I'm currently wearing a pair of powder blue pajamas with different animals printed on them.

My mind was slowly descending into a panic before going into a full panic filled melt down, I started screaming questions in my mind hoping for an answer.

My panic attack led to a surge of overwhelming and uncontrollable emotions that ran through me and made me cry out, my eyes blurring once more but this time with tears.

"WHAAAA-WHAAA ! ! !" My shrill cries echoed in my ear, painfully fueling me to cry even harder.

"Awwww, Are you awake baby?" A soft maternal voice asked sweetly as I felt arms gently slide underneath me lifting me up out of my crib/cage, as soon as I was in this woman's arms my tears stopped and I rubbed my face into the soft material that covered her chest, I looked up and saw someone of gigantic proportions holding my in her arms in.

'I-I, I was really reborn as a baby.' I thought to myself the revelation shocking me to the core leading to me another fit of bawling.

I thought about not being able to say goodbye to the few people in my previous life that I cared about, along with not being able to see my boys/puppies again.

I was crying from so many things like the shock of being reborn in a new life, But mostly it was from my inability to reign in my emotions that has left me to scream and cry in this lady's arms.

The once soothing voice of the woman who was holding me to her chest, while carrying me in her embrace was being dulled out by my rampant thoughts and emotions, regrets, and old memories at the forefront of my mind.

'I can achieve more in this life than I did in my past life.' I thought to myself as I recognized I'd been given a new chance, a new opportunity.

I considered my highest previous achievements, realizing for probably the thousandth time, that I'd been a failure at life, I could feel myself growing motivated to become someone better, to achieve all the things I had wanted to in my past life but couldn't due to circumstances and limitations either forced on me by my environment/other people or ones that I put on myself.

The fact I've been reborn opened up new gateways for me, and the experience I gained in my last life allows me to use the restart on life that I'd gained to learn more about things, the things that interested me, things that I love, the things I want for myself.

I'd never be recognized as a genius, I knew that much but this time around I wouldn't be labeled and limited by other people's stereotypes.

I wouldn't allow people to drag me down to their level. I wouldn't be pulled down into the cesspool of humanity like before, through other people's negativity.

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