The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

Author: Mountain Springs
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

Read The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles! novel written by the author Mountain Springs on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering grouppampering. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On a cold winter day, Yun Bao, who was already unconscious, was kicked out of the house by her biological father. "You're so evil at such a young age. You pushed your stepmother down the stairs. Now, the baby in her stomach is gone. Are you happy now? Why didn't I strangle you when you were born? You bring bad luck to this family!" Her father exclaimed before beating her up harshly. Yun Bao, who was only three-and-a-half years old, couldn't take it and collapse on the snowy ground. Just as she was about to die, her eight uncles made it in time to save her! Did she nearly freeze in the snow? Was she about to lose her life after being beaten up? Did people accuse her of hurting her stepmother's baby? Did she cause her mother's death and her father's bankruptcy Faced with all these negative rumors, her eight uncles chuckled. "Doesn't he enjoy hurting others? Turn off all the air-conditioners in the house. Let them stand outside for the entire night!" Her first uncle said. "Doesn't he enjoy hitting others? Give me the sack. I'm going to ease up the tension in his muscles," her second uncle said. "What does imminent bankruptcy mean? I'll make him bankrupt right away!" Her third uncle exclaimed. As for the miscarriage? It wasn't even real! Yun Bao's grandfather found out the truth and tossed the evidence to her jerk of a father. He also taught him a lesson with his walking stick. After being beaten up by his ex-wife's family, Yun Bao's father refused to back down. He said to himself, "That bitch brings bad luck to everyone in her life. They won't have a good life!" However, after Yun Bao returned to her mother's side of the family, not only did her uncles' lives not worsen, but they kept getting better and better. Even her grandmother, who had been bedridden for the longest time, recovered and was able to get onto her feet again. One day, a dominant CEO who appeared out of nowhere adopted her. Her entire family pampered her like a princess!

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Novel Similarity .. Yes! NingNing is not a Trouble-Maker


This novel gives severe "Ningning's not a troublemaker" feels tbh.


Looking forward to seeing its release. Raws anyone?[img=update][img=update][img=update]


this novel is the exact same thing with ningning is not a trouble maker and I hate plagiarism especially not stating that you aren't the real author and giving it a new name thank God i told everyone the truth


Complete plagiarism of ’Ningning is not a trouble maker’. Plot and scenes match almost 100 %. If it would allow me to give it a 0 I would.


Wait!!!!!!!!! This novel is exactly the same às "Ningning is not a troublemaker" Fun fact: the other novel just got picked up last week


both this novel and "Ningning is not a troublemaker" came from an author named Meng Hanzi, and the original title is 福宝三岁半,她被八个舅舅団宠了.the raws are up to 1235 chapters atm, and it's fun, of course, with its own translation difficulties, but well, you get what you paid for, and since it's free, no complaints.this novel, on a bit closer look, have some chapters that are a bit different, idk where exactly since I only glanced roughly, and I'm not gonna spend time, coins, or fps just to make sure. Also, the master here is an old woman?maybe this translator plagiarized a huge chunk from the original novel and added some points from themselves just to claim it as 'their' work, I don't know.it's just a pity that the original author gets $0 from us readers since we are reading raws for free, but many people pay here to these 'authors' while they steal a huge chunk of the the original author's work, hence their income.


I came here in hopes that the updates here are longer and if someone knows the raw version of the story. I've read the story on the other app until 800+ chapters but it stopped updating recently. I've been looking for the raw version for weeks now😅😅


What’s the point of picking up this novel when it’s the same as one already to be translated ? Translation team/ web novel admin please look into this. Also kindly don’t repeat novels. It’s better to take up adorable baby or something which is new atleast. This is disappointing, the fact that not only was it NOT removed but now has been selected ?


is this not ningning's not a trouble maker? the sypnosis might different but their the same story. might as well read a chapter to check if they are the same or just a vibe.


Had deja vu. Ning Ning was just sent to the voting stage last week. Bad timing for this one.. or is it now "abused children" troupe, after the "farming" and "fake daughter" troupes we just went through.


Unbelieveable…storyline is just like NingNing except the changes in the character’s name. Please don’t do this. not nice and it’s a plagiarism!


This story is quite sadistic. Imagine the pain a 3-year old child has to go through. Ugh! And even after she finds her maternal family, more sadistic people crosses her way.


Reveal spoiler


loved the storyline want fps😂 😍👍🏻[img=coins]


grabe nmn autor pmahal nmn ng pmahal privilege sa story uu mganda story mu peru nmn wag nmn sobra rich person nlng mka2 afford sayang lng mga una qng purchase nbitin .. pera2 nlng b


nahanap din kita,dito ka lng pl sa webnovel😁😁😁


maganda story kea lng my privilge png nla2man ndi mgamit fp need tlga coins !? ubos agad coins mu mhal p nmn mag recharged


This is ningning is not a trouble maker, they are lots of stories like this and it isn't nice[img=disgusted]


Lol this is Another copy and paste novel and change a few names…. A similar ongoing novel just released before this and only has 100 chapters so far and there is already a copy. I wonder how many more like this will come out. I don’t understand Webnovel these days


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