The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
novel - Fantasy Romance

The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Wearing High Heels For You

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What is The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

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"Ride this, my beloved consort!" Instantly rewarded with a punch in his charming face. He looked hurt, "I just wanted you to try out the mythical beast mount!" Having died a cruel and excruciating death in her past incarnation, she was reborn into a body imbued with an impeccable talent for cultivation. A good-for-nothing? Fire, water, ice, wind, thunder, and nature; switching between the six elements is easy as pie. Supreme grade pills? She scatters them in the air like candies. Legendary beasts? They're begging her to form a contract. She is the arrogant Queen almighty! You say that heaven is undefiable? Then she will defy it! "Bad news, my Lord! The consort has beaten the Empress of the Heavenly Phoenix Nation into a pulp!" He raised an eyebrow and brimmed of pride, "It's nothing. Send a million troops to back up my beloved consort. Tell them that I'm the one who's pampering her!"

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I NEED MORE OF THIS!!!! I don't know how many times I laughed and either let one rip or perf a little cuz of what's going on. I love overbearing Females and I need more of this Lead also I don't know where to vote for this but I swear I'm gonna make 20 new profiles up so I can vote for this novel! I'm in love!!


So far, I love this novel. Novels like these always start with the usual cliche with scummy people who ruin FL and cause her death. She meets ML kind of early and he seems like the usual ice cube guy.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


This is by far one of the best stories I read so far so keep on the good work ...............*.mkmbjxndjdkdjdjdjdjdnjdjxjdjxjnxndjdjdjdjdjdjjdj


This novel is mediocre at best. It start of well, but soon drags with cheap plot tricks. Also this yet another novel where the ML doesn't get the concept of consent, and forcibly touch and kiss the MC. He even threaten to rape her to make her do what he wants. No coercion is not the language of love, respect is; possiviveness is no love either it is neediness, and forcibly kissing someone is sexual assault. Consent is real!


Good at start but plots are so repetitive. It seems like all the men in this story are stupid and easily manipulated by malicious women. Males are constantly used to hurt the FL and they are so easily fooled by lying girls it looks ridiculous. The FL also has a habit of letting their foes get away after a small retaliation. It may seem cool and all but it looks weird. I mean letting ur opponents get away is like u allowing them time to get another opportunity to hurt u or ur loved ones. When u attack u have to cut all of it root and stem. But she just lets them get away. FL is too emotional, i dont think 3 yrs is enough for her revenge. If there is no Mobai, she would have hone back to the Elysian Fields as she keeps on doing things not necessary for her goals. Why would u want to exact revenge for other people’s grievances. It might be some practice for u, but it looks stupid nonetheless. Without reaching a peak of unbeatable strength, she keeps on dashing head on with forces she can’t even stand in toe with putting the people around her in danger makes me want to think its suited for her to just get married and cherish her new life.


So far, there are errors in grammars, names etc in the first 60 chapters up for Trial Read so it needs a bit more editing. For the stability issue, this remains to be seen. So for both areas, 3 stars for now. The story, characters, plot and world background are all interesting and intriguing. Though there are a couple of novels who dealt with both protagonists being reborn reincarnated or transmigrated or a combination of any, this story so far will pique your interest. Why? The author’s style of writing for one thing. Though it truly annoyed me with all the censorship and what not... if they truly want to censor, they have to set up a lock for novels with mature, R-18, smut, gore etc rating. Parents should be responsible for their own children and not impose this on the authors. Authors write, artists draw, musicians play, composers compose.. with no regards to anything for their works to be a masterpiece. So do not censor arbitrarily. It hampers was one’s reading. Anyhoo not to get off from the topic, the author’s writing as well as the translation was great!!!👍🏻💫⭐️. It was explicit enough to make the readers delve and be a part of the world that the author has created. Be warned though as the opening chapter is brutal and gruesome. But this is needed to establish the female lead, Shen Qingdai / Feng Tianlan’s foundation for her change in character. This is typical for any revenge/avenge theme. The growth of the female lead is gradual but fast. Unlike other fast growth, hers has a basis: a combination of a perfect body for cultivation with excellent enlightenment skill/talent. So no brainer that she will rise in power when these two things are placed in one body. Both hers mind you. This is just a brief review and will be updated as the translation progress. Fan Service for its readers: this has been adapted to a MANHUA. Below is the Link.. (there are more... ) http://m.kuman5.com/19486/


Looking forward to it. Amazing story. Creative writing. Keep up the good work. Can I post a review in another language other than English? 😀 love it 😍


The story keeps dragging and very repetitive, a problem in this story that could be solved in 10 chapters take up to 80 chapters it keeps dragging over and over the same thing, There's is no growth in characters it's just the same scheme in different chapters with different people.


Reveal spoiler


I want more of this story..i super love this story.. can’t wait for the next update..i love reading your story i can’t wait for the next chapters to be released..stay strong author..keep it up..good luck and god bless ❤️


Cant wait to read more good work I hope our little Feng comes back stunting hard on everybody. Please update this story to increase your ratings. Alot of us readers are looking forward to see this story grow until the end. Author-san 🤩🤩🤩


Awesome character and plot. I love this novel very much . And I can't wait for new updates... Thank you so much author for writing this novel . This is my best novel this far...


The Webnovel and the comic stop at the same place. I hope this gets picked up soon! The beginning was gory and interesting. I’m curious to know how she’ll eventually get her revenge.


Fantastic story, amazing story telling qualities, I couldn't leave thr book out of my hands. I deeply recommend this book to anyone, oh myGod, it s amazing!










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