1 Intro

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As the morning sun hits your face, as you turn to the side your eyes half open and meet mine, a smile lingering on your kissable lips for a second I believe that love exists. As I hear your deep voice call out my name so softly like a prayer and as your hand slowly caresses my cheek for a second I believe that eternity could be like this. You are warmth against my cold skin, you are the sun I had never been allowed to see and as you shield me from my nightmares, holding me in your embrace for a second I believe that I am not the monster I used to be.

Your eyes, gazing at me from a far and the curling of your lips as you see me smile at you. The sound of your joyful humming and the lightness of your feet as you dance while holding my pale hand made me believe that all of my days could be like this.

You simply existing, you simply coming into my dull and dark life made me realize how my soul had never been complete. I closed my eyes, smiling thinking of you laying on my bed. Oh how I wished that life could always be like this.

But I had always been a fool, deluded and charmed by your warm touch, your cheeky smile and smart eyes. The softness of your hair and the taste of your lips. I trully believed that we could always be like this, dancing underneath the moon because I was too much of a monster to stand underneath your burning sun.

But as I wore my crimson crown, dripping with the blood of your people, as my lips got painted red and my hunger grew stronger, as people whispered in my ears that I shouldn't be in love with you, that I should simply kill you I realized that my eternity would never be how I wished.

Your tear stained face and your shaking body, the shock of betrayal in your eyes and the hatred in your voice as you screamed at me. I realized it then, my eternity was never meant to be with you but away from you, to save you.

Cruel fate look at me, promise me that I will never get to meet them again. That I would never get to hurt them in such a way. Fate please I beg you keep them away from me.

Oh dear fate why do I feel like you're laughing at me?

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