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He could be described as nervous, anxious even. He bit his fingernails, tapping his foot on the wooden floor as he waited. The moon would soon rise and the cold would spread. The sounds of howling would eventually reach his ears and he would shiver in fear. Full moons were a vampire's worst nightmare. It was the only night of the month when they felt they were in danger. A lethal bite, poisonous, painful and torturous till death came. Few knew of the cure, a well kept secret.

Kai always stayed inside during the full moon. It was a primal instinct, his body would need shelter, his soul anxious as his whole body felt threatened. Tonight too he would stay in but even if he secluded himself in the walls of his own home he wouldn't be safe. Tonight, three werewolves would come to his house, change into the lethal beasts his kind was so scared off. He could also be described as a fool, why would someone do something so dangerous? Why would he put his life on the line like that?

The answer was simple. He owed John. Clearly he was the reason he ended up this way so the least he could do was everything he could to help him. Was it his selfish feeling of guilt? Probably, the truth was Kai was never that considerate about other people with a few very special exceptions. He didn't consider himself as an example of a good man but still even if it was because of personal reasons it still helped John.

"Boss, I don't feel that well." John said, a frown on his face as he walked into the living room. The young wolf plopped on the couch, holding his head. "This headache, my bones are aching. What should I do?" he asked and Kai looked at him. He seemed horrible.

"There is nothing you can do. Just wait for the moon." Kai said, feeling bad about how honest he was. John whined and laid on the couch, trying to relieve some of the pain.

"When will they be here? Where is Lun?" he asked, his voice coming out pained.

"They will have to escape their pack so I think it will take some time. Lun is bringing the chains. It was hard to find something that will hold. He had to contact a witch to get them." he said. "Are you sure about the plan?"

"Yes, Yes. They come here, you tie us in the bedroom, not in a kinky way, and we wait for the turn. They will be looking after me and afterwards they will explain a few more things since I have the full experience." John repeated the plan they had formed the other day and Kai nodded, satisfied that he was ready.

"It's going to be fine." The cold prince and John tried to smile. The poor man felt his heart race inside his ribcage. Sometimes he wondered if all those symptoms were because of the turn or because he was simply nervous. He wished for this night to pass as soon as possible. He didn't want to hurt anyone.

"Well hello!" Lun's cheerful voice was heard and the man entered the room holding a bunch of thick and shiny chains in his embrace. They were heavy and made a very distinct noise as he dropped them on the ground. It reminded Kai of a dark moment, a cuff around his ankles and his neck, chains stuck on the wall and that dragging sound. He shivered, frowning and he looked away noticing that together with Lun the wolves had arrived too. "Are we ready?" Lun asked. He looked a lot happier than he should and it was obvious he was enjoying this. He was always a man who enjoyed thrill as long as it did not evolve fighting of course. He had scolded Kai about last night, about how he and John were looking for him everywhere but today he didn't seem to be that angry so Kai was a bit relieved.

"Should we prepare the chains?" Mika asked and the tall vampire nodded.

"You and you with me." Lun instructed, pointing at Mika and John. Mika grabbed the chains front he ground and headed off first, his eyes wary as looked at Philip with a warning. Kai wasn't sure that what was Lun doing was intentional at first but as he walked out of the room last and winked at him the prince was sure his friends had completely different plans than him.

Philip sat on the couch, a faint grin on his face as he locked eyes with the icy prince. He seemed to be in a lot better condition than John.

"Hello. We meet again so soon, did you miss me?" Philip asked him.

"No, not really. It's not my cup of tea to have three werewolves during a full moon here." he said with brute honesty, his eyes expressionless the same with his face. He had told himself that he would step away from this, this whole fated romance, the fated torture. It was time. Now. He would help John deal with things here and then disappear so even if Philip remembered he wouldn't be able to find him. That was the best way. Kai had thought about it and decided.

"You can't imagine how sad that makes me."

"I am sure it does." Kai told him. "You look a lot better than John."

"He is new to it. Slowly you get used to it."

"So you're in pain?" Kai asked and Philip raised his eyebrow, his devilish smile growing.

"Do you care?" Philip asked him back and stood up.

"No, not really"

The truth was Mika's words hadn't left his mind ever since yesterday. His friend had managed to make him believe all his theories about carnal attraction. About how beautiful Kai was and what was that doing to him. Everything seemed to make sense. Philip appreciated beauty, he admired it and Kai was a pure example of it. Fair, cold and distant. Elegant while his eyes cruelly judged you while they looked like the calmest seas. Philip wanted to see more of that face. His expressions, his voice, how he looked when he was vulnerable. Everything about him was intriguing.

"No, not really." Kai said as he noticed that he was approaching him. Philip stood in front of him, just for a second before he leaned down, placing his hands at the armrests of Kai's chair and hovering over him. Kai moved slightly, his back touching the soft fabric of the chair and he gulped. This attitude was too sudden, still he refused to let go of his cold mask.

"That answer again? Can't you tell me anything else?"

"No, not really" Kai repeated, hoping that it would annoy him and that he would step back. All the wolf did though was chuckle.

"You know, now that I am seeing you up close. You're really pretty. Almost like a doll" He said and Kai shook his head in disbelief. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. He had heard of that compliment before many times but he never expected to hear it from him.

"Is this whole thing a side effect from the moon?" He asked Philip and the man laughed. He pushed his body forward, getting even closer. Kai could feel his breath now, landing on his lips and he licked them, without realizing it. Philip's eyes traced his tongue and his eyes began to shine. They were beautiful, like liquid silver and shone so brightly. He hadn't seen them in so long, that color. He blinked and stared right into his eyes. The moment Philip realized that his eyes had changed he immediately turned around, hiding himself for a second before he turned back around, looking completely normal.

"Why did you turn around?"

"Wolves do not like their eyes. They are a sign of the beast inside, the uncontrollable instincts." he said. "But back to what I was saying. You little prince are very pretty."

"I think that your eyes are pretty." Kai said without thinking much about it. He instantly regretted it though as he saw Philip's eyes widen. He shouldn't have said that. The wolf hid his reaction well, even though the Prince had already realized it.

"Kai, you know what?"


"You and I. We are monsters. So why don't we break the rules for once? Won't it be fun?" Philip said, the same devilish grin again on his face.

Monsters. That word echoed horribly in Kai's mind.


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