14 Chapter 13

They check quite a few places. Extravagant and filled with luxury Kai didn't want to walk into any of them. The moment he witnessed luxury, or the sight of gold he felt disgusted. He had many scars and not simply those that were connected to his body, those healed, slowly but they did. It was the scars that marked his soul that tortured him up to this day, many years later.

Gold, his older sister loved it. She wore necklaces and earrings, heavy rings and any kind of accessory that could be dressed in it. His mother too, she enjoyed gold decorations on their palace, in every corner some kind of gold touch would always have their guests envious. So Kai had grown to despise the color gold. From the color and the shine of his crown to the royal cuffs on his wrist he didn't like the coldness of the material or what it represented. Those things though happened after he left. Back then he liked it too, the wealth and their envious faces.

Kai was always envied. For his beauty, for his status, for his gold. At every ball, at every gathering in enormous and glamorous rooms just like those in the hotels, he was the center of attention. His siblings and he were always looked at, stared at. He had felt like a precious ornament. His mother would tell him that such a sweet boy would always have everyone's eyes on him and he had believed it. He had never thought though if those eyes were good or bad. A young prince, spoiled and ignorant, that was what he had been for a big part of his life.

Still terrified of luxury, of the place he held in it Kai had sat and waited outside at every hotel. He received a few stares from the guards but ignored them. No one could stop him from being outside anyways. John would come out every time rushing and he would feel a small spark of hope until disappointment would hit him. After such a long time they still hadn't found them. That was until they reached the last hotel. A tall building with more that two hundred floors. Kai didn't know why but he was sure they would be there. Eventually he was right. Because John came out smiling victorious.

«They are here! I asked and they said the man Mika lived here, that Philip guy too but they won't tell me their number. It's confidential information of the hotel» John explained and Kai shook his head.

«It's okay. I don't need to know that much. I am sure I know where they are. Top floor. All I need is to get to the top floor» Kai said.

«Boss, it will be hard to just walk in. They weren't really nice to me. I guess they are only nice to rich people.» he concluded and Kai smiled. Rich people, he thought.

«Well it's a good thing that I am rich.» he said and his employee looked at him confused.

«You are?» he asked him as the tall man started walking in front of him, heading toward the entrance.

Kai had lived for quite a while, meddling with humans knowing their ways. When he had escaped his home he didn't have anyone. He was broke and lived on the streets. That changed easily though, he was smart and as time passed he managed to find his way through the societies he lived in. That's why the assets of two hundred years had gathered and he never had to worry about money.

He stood in front of the entrance, the point of his shoe passing the line and he breathed in. Kai didn't like money, he didn't like luxury and the color gold but he was well aware that all of them meant something and he hated it.

«Excuse me sir. Will you be getting in? You're blocking the entrance.» a man with the hotel's uniform asked him and Kai, slightly startled nodded.

«Yes, excuse me» he answered as he stepped in, finding himself underneath a very tall ceiling. People were walking around, dressed in expensive clothing. There was a fountain in the middle with the statue of a small boy with wings on his back, Eros. Kai assumed. The reception was on the far back. Girls dressed prettily with red lipsticks sat on their seats and talked to the clients with bright smiles.

«Hello, how can I help you?» the woman Kai approached asked him.

«Hello, I would like to know the number of Philip's Bairon's room.» he told her.

«Is he expecting you? Should we call him?» she asked and Kai shook his head.

«No, that won't be necessary. I just want his room number.»

«Well then sir I am really sorry but…» the girl began saying before Kai took out his wallet. He grabbed a pack of money and placed it discreetly on the counter. The girl's eyes widened in shock. It was probably the first time she was seeing so much money.

«For you. I do appreciate your hard work.» Kai told her with a charming smile. The girl's hands were shaking as she took the money.

«Top floor, room 201. Allan. Take the gentlemen to the top floor. Right this instant» she shouted at a young man that stood by one of the elevators. He rushed over, smiling the same way she did and signaled them to follow him.

They entered the elevator, standing at the back, close to the mirror and John stared at Kai with wide eyes.

«Boss, you really….wow» he mumbled and Kai shrugged his shoulders. «That's why you're never worried about money. You're some kind of runaway millionaire» he said and Kai scoffed. He was right about the runaway part but the millionaire was too little, he was royalty after all.

«Now John. I need you to stay here and wait for me. I will be quick I promise» he said as the elevator stopped and then stepped outside. A long corridor, dressed with a bright red carpet and beautiful golden chandeliers. John nodded and stood to the side while Kai read the numbers on the doors. He moved further and further away from the human until his eyes landed on the number 201. He gulped, standing frozen outside the door.

What was he supposed to do? Knock on the door? And say what? How old was Philip now? Did he actually have any memories of him? So many questions suddenly started to pop up and he couldn't help it but feel overwhelmed. He took a step back, his eyes stuck on the polished wood.

«What are you doing here Kai?» he asked himself. «You fool», he mumbled and turned around. He had been so stupid. He had no reason to be here, he realized as he walked back. John stared at him confused.

«Boss, what are you doing?» He asked him.

«This was a bad idea. John, let's go» he said and got ready to call the elevator. Its doors though opened on its own revealing the two men to a group of people. Suddenly a heavy silence spread as he locked eyes with what he easily recognized as werewolves. He took as step back and grabbed John from his sleeve. «John, run!» he shouted and started running, dragging the young man with him.

Screwed. That's what they were. And it was all Kai's fault.


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