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By the time the soldiers had been on the move it was already too late. The three members of Blood Fang had escaped leaving behind the box with the evidence of their plan. At the sound of their easy escape Cecilia kicked her desk, her eyes landing on the maps. The letter, that letter was the most concerning thing. They had been cooperating with the Bloody People to bring down the kingdom, their leader had been changed and now she had no idea what was actually happening. 

"The letter…I think that it's clear. We need to start taking measures." Kai told her. He had been there for a while, rereading the few lines again and again, a frown on his face as he was having trouble understanding. What was the reason behind all this? A group of people that had always been obsessed with vampire superiority, wanting to keep strict and old fashioned rules suddenly wanted to tear everything down. It could possibly be because of their new leader, this A.A that had signed the letter. 


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