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John lingered at the door of the spacious lounge, looking around as if he was lost. He had a doe eyed look on his face, innocent looking he didn't dare to step in before someone acknowledged him.Β 

Philip had been right, Alloy's pack had been alone, pushed to the side by the rest of them. No matter what happened no one really wanted to mess with the royal family. Everyone knew she had talked too much, she had drawn too much attention.

The first person to notice him was Alloy's beta. He looked at him kind of curious, trying to think where he had seen him before. All of the times John's presence had been subtle, like a shadow and right now this was benefiting him.

"What do you want?" He asked him and the young werewolf hastily stepped in. He looked intimidated, his anxious heart beating frantically inside his ribcage as he watched Alloy seated on the couch and scanning him with her eyes.

"I...I heard you were werewolves." He stuttered.


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