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Aleron and Cecilia had been king and queen for a long long time. Years and years they had ruled, together hiding a very dark secret, a truth that no one but them knew. Before the rule of the two Aleron's parents were seated on the throne and they had two children. Aleron and his brother, Arthur. They lived peaceful lives, his parents were widely accepted and everyone in the palace seemed to be happy. Things were going smoothly, until the moment Aleron's parents decided it would be time soon for them to hand the throne to their first born, the rightful heir of the crown, Arthur. 

Arthur was the one meant to have the throne, he had the king's blood in him and he was destined to rule. He was supposed to be in Aleron's place with his own family, his children next in line. That was what everyone waited for until, until one day the crown prince was found dead, murdered in his own bed. 


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