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"This is not how I expected it to be." Lun mumbled, looking at Xan with a skeptical expression. 

Deep into the night, as if he was some kind of a thief, the tall vampire had climbed all the way to the prince's balcony, surprising him by knocking on his door. 

Lun had found Xan working, the white haired prince seated on his desk, his black glasses resting on the bridge of his nose while his shirt had been neatly folded at the edge of his bed. He was shirtless, revealing a strong chest and torso, pale arms with muscles that flexed while he moved. Lun did not consider himself a superficial person but he did know how to appreciate beauty. That was the reason why when he had jumped on Xan's balcony he hadn't said anything and like a proper creep he kept looking at him from outside. 


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