272 Wedding

The sun was shining, a gentle breeze swept across the field, causing the flowers to sway and dance to the rhythm of the wind.

A wooden structure was set up like a canopy, with fairy lights draped over the top in a curtain-like formation. The chairs for the guests were arranged with fifteen-foot long estate tables that were parallel to each other.

A path was formed in between, leading to the altar; delicate white petals were sprinkled along the path creating a romantic and whimsical atmosphere.

The altar was a simple wooden structure, decorated with twining ivy and ribbons of white silk. At the center of the altar, there was a large arch made of white flowers and glittering crystal chandeliers which cast a beautiful, shimmering light over the entire scene.

Meredith peered at the field from her window. "You know, It was a funny thing," She watched the ushers lead the majority of the guest to their reserved seats.

"What is, my love?" Gwen asked her, while she fixed her hair.


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