The Taste of Seduction

Mature content (18+) "How far would you go for love?" [COMPLETED BOOK 1] Cruel and twisted Atlas Martini had 3 rules. 1. Never mix business with pleasure 2. Don't ever give second chances 3. Never get emotional attached to someone. He has never been tempted to break these rules until he met her. His new secretary, Meredith Rossi. With her big glasses and doe eyes, she was the most innocent and pure woman he has ever met. he couldn't wait to taint her. To ruin, claim and bend her over his desk. She was supposed to be a prey for him to play around with until he found himself addicted to her. Like a drug, he craved an overdose. Now she was his secretary, His Angel His good girl. A woman with dark secrets, Meredith Rossi didn't think running away from home with her little brother would change her life forever. Her boss was everything she should avoid. Fierce, ruthless, a promised pain and sexy as hell. When he proposition a devilish deal she agreed because life was too short not to live out your dark fantasies. Temptation was the ultimate ruin of man and if she was going down she might as well pick her poison which was him. Now he was her Boss Her dominant Her ultimate downfall. Theirs was a love story that questioned how far you would go for love---would you fall in love with a cursed monster? --------- ---------- Excerpt; "You got such a dirty imagination for an Angel." Atlas grasped her chin in one hand and forced her to meet his gaze. "Touch yourself Angel." Atlas ordered, his breath tickling her ear. "Let me see what you do when you are alone with your dirty fantasies."

Chichii · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
331 Chs


"So where are we going?" Meredith asked as she walked from her bedroom to the lounge area where Atlas was waiting for her.

He was sitting on a couch dressed in a khaki short, a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a dark aviator sunglass to complete the look.

His hair was tousled and he looked so carefree and different than the brooding Atlas Martini she knew.

He looked at her dress and his brows arched into a frown.

"What?" Meredith asked as she came to stand in front of him.

"You look so beautiful and cute in that dress. I don't want other guys to ogled at you or else I'm afraid I will dig someone's eyes for staring at you."

Meredith glanced at the red sundress she was wearing and rolled her eyes.

"This is such an ordinary dress, Atlas. I'm sure no one would even notice me. And I'm wearing this big glasses. Guys don't ogle at girls with glasses."