246 Attacked

Austin and Meredith had been training since they have retrieved the Book of Spells. Yesterday, he had taught her the spells from the Book of Spells that she could use, indeed further helping her use of magic. She had also told her the details of the book since she is the only one who can read its content.

Now, they are in Chichen Itza for another intense training, to also see how much she learned from the book. Meredith had shown a lot of progress in her magical abilities, and Austin was proud of her.

This time, Austin decided to test her skills with a challenge. He wanted to see how much she had learned. They entered a small labyrinth to see if she could solve it.

Austin shared with her the story of another labyrinth of magic that he had encountered when he was exploring the Incan ruins left on earth. It was said that whoever finished it would receive a stone that would make his or her magic energy powerful for a day.


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