The Taoist ancestor is Cthulhu

Author: Axe Warrior
Eastern Fantasy
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What is The Taoist ancestor is Cthulhu

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"The Way can be understood, and surname can be named, but not ordinary. Without a name, it's the beginning of heaven and earth. With a name, it's the mother of all things. Well, there might be another 'name,' called the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, hehe..." "I've achieved enlightenment! I've achieved enlightenment! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Watching his fellow Daoist whose skull has split open, the ribcage torn, growing wings of flesh, and flying into the sky, Li Fan, with lingering fear, stops his sermon for the day. "Sigh, I can't just blabber about the Daoist skill anymore, I've driven another one mad..."

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Axe Warrior



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I read the first 5 chapters and began to question if I was still under the influence of an acid trip I ate in the early nineties. Slogged through the next 5 and the story started to make sense. Currently at chapter 16 and there is some reasonable development, some.


Honestly, this story really rubs me the wrong way when anybody besides EMC talks it sounds like random weird gibberish, which I guess is part of the joke but it’s very disorienting and confusing as I’m concerned ot nearly introducing Cthulu fast enough I only gave it such a high rating because I figured really like the concept of introducing Cthulhu and maybe someone who can decipher the gibberish would like this story, so there you go


Raw please Raw Raw Raw Raw Very interesting


I really like this novel. But it has some problems. Mainly translation issues. Name and terminology, which can change every chapter, including their titles (so three connected chapters, that should have same name end up with different ones). This is especially confusing in first chapters. Thought first chapters were written TO BE confusing, as we, just like MC, trying to understand, what is happening. So extra confusion can be good thing, as experience... Another positive is, that while name and terminology changes, it changes mostly between two names, so it's enough to simply remember what that name means. Meaning can be also pretty easily understand in context, so I could understand everything. Now good things, world building is really good and storytelling is really interesting, describing different characters that operates on different logic and as whole it creates great story of multiple layers with different options, interest and philosophies. MC is good too(for me). He is very normal and funny. He isn't sociopath or psychopath. He doesn't just just start killing people left and right, because he's now in cultivation world. But he isn't weak and can do what is needed, and work on himself, to fix his flaws. While he is definitely ttalented and has some cheat(s) he isn't unreasonably strong or OP. Fights are entertaining and pretty creative. While everything doesn't always go way, MC wants, he generally can overcome his challenges. If I should describe this story, without giving away too much spoilers, I would say it's classic cultivators world with all its problems that suddenly gets into contact Lovecraftian like Gods and entities, which somehow (even with danger of deviation that change people into indescribable monsters and danger of world ending by hands of eldritchbeings) improve whole situation! Local cultivators are explaining situation their own way (They call these irrationally entities as Daoist ancestors that existed before Pangu created sky, pre-celestial way). If they are actually Cthulhu mythos Gods or just someone similar, isn't currently clear, thought at the end of first volume, there's theory, that one of ancestors could be Cthulhu. MC transmigrate into this world with not so op system, Mood system that focus on his mental health, which is really useful in Cthulhu mythos world. I can stop myself from wanting more, but editor would be great!


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