The Tales Of Divine Sun Dragon Book

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The Tales Of Divine Sun Dragon


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Sun and Moon continent is know as a cultivation world,here strength is matter more!Its where the strong eat the weak! In the Sun and Moon continent is also where our mc,Xiao Long was born.Xiao Long is the Young master of the Xiao Clan who was born with special ability and a great fate waiting for him. Xiao Long also was born on a great day and at the moment he was born, the Sun and Moon world fall into silent,powerful martial artist,godly beast and other living beings faint except several peoples and one of them will be a great help to Xiao Long! 50 Golden Tickets=1 Bonus Chapter 500 Power Stones=1 Bonus Chapter 100 Coins=1 Bonus Chapter 500 Coins=2 Bonus Chapters *Each chapters contain around 1100 words ~ 3000 words *Warning:In the early chapters, there are a lot of grammars mistakes but as the chapter progress, the grammars will become better. .......... (The DP is not mine so if the owner want me to take it off,please tell me) (Hey guys this is my first novel! I actually a great fan to a Xianxia,Xuanhua and Wuxia novel and because of that,I tried to make my own novel after reading a lot of books and fanfic and this is the result:) In this novel I got a lot of ideas from other Xianxia and Xuanhua novels so there will be a little similarities with other novels that you have read. My mc also will have his own lucky chance since his birth but the things he got will grow stronger with him and thats mean, my mc will not be op from the start. My mc will only have one or two girls and there also will have a dual cultivate scene and one more thing that i want to said is, english is not my native language so don't be mad if you found some or a lot of wrong verbs in my novel.)


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