The Tale of the Strongest

Author: MikruZero
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What is The Tale of the Strongest

Read The Tale of the Strongest novel written by the author MikruZero on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, r18, system, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where supernatural things exist. Heroes who defend Earth from notorious Villains. Those who gain power from scientific knowledge, mythical things, ancient powers, or even special bloodlines have only two options. Either use them for justice or use them for their selfish own desires. Join a newly emerged Superhuman, Demonyo, who gained his power after mistakenly saving a Demon from an Angel's grasp. Will he use his Demonic power for good? Or use it for evil? Find out and join Liam's adventures by reading this fantastic novel! The story of 'Demonyo' has now begun!

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Shameless review by me. This will be officially my second novel. You can message me in discord for some questions and recommendations in discord (MikruZero#2651)


Pulls all the right strings of thrill, so far, a well-constructed story, there's just 5 chapters so I'm only judging it based off of this, keep going! all the best POST MORE.


Hmm let's see I felt it connected mostly because I do like school settings. The synopsis was quite good describing not just one way to get a power, but many others that are almost the same which I feel more novels should reference to. The interaction between characters seemed natural and I liked the little reference to masculine and feminine article. I am quite a language geek and do love to see those little things. So far pretty good.


I like the story, there's some nice build up character. Good luck for you, and i hope there's more interesting part in the future. Can't wait to the next chapter :)


Wow, Literally wow. Man, you have really got a knack for writing. I really love the plot. The character background and fantasy mixture are too good, the only thing you need more is popcorn. Really a fantastic story. Keep updating the author . More power to you.


Great work!! Is it in any participation of writing contest?? I think it has great potential to be exposed to wider audience! The structure of this work is impressive and background development is very mature!


Really strong beginning to this story. The protagonist is funny dude who the reader enjoys taking the adventure with. And his demon slave is also quite amusing. Love the banter between the two leads. Great sense of humor. There's also a real epic feel at play here with the warring demons and angels and earth's survival at stake. I look forward to seeing the protagonist and demon undertake their journey. I'm sure much hilarity will ensue. Writing style is clear, concise and easy to read. Strongly recommend giving this one a go!


New book. Great start if i say so myself. But it needs more chapter to make it enjoyable. Storyline and the development of characters are good. Good luck to author for this book.


This story is lit! I gotta say I'm impressed! With talent and skills accompanied with hard work, this will fare well in the future! Kudos and Congrats! May your novel prosper in the future! from Review swap....


A good novel. It is a good read. Although there are some mistakes, you could easily ignore them and they won't affect your reading. It also has a fantasy feeling where you could imagine the general fantasy fiction's starts. Comedy and a lucky chance for the mc. You won't regret reading this. The mc also doesn't seem to be kind. It could be described as him being a carefree guy; an mc that many people like. Although there aren't many chapters, I could see the potential.


This story is definitely a great read and something refreshing for a while. I enjoy how witty the male lead is. And the narratives and conversations are all delivered well to the readers. World background is also well-written. Overall this story is engaging and fun. Greatly recommended and addition to my collections. Great work auhor! I look forward for more updates.


I really enjoyed this book. The way the characters of the story go together. It's a different way looking at the story. I was able to see a new perspective from how the Author would be apart of the story. It is very exciting to see how the Butterfly Effect takes place. Especially when it is the author changing the very nature of a story he himself wrote. I hope to be able to read and experience more from this series.


The story is good so far! I like how you vividly narrated the story and the development was nice and steady. I love the plotline and it was an enjoyable read! Keep it going until you reach a million views and you will find it pleasing to the eyes. Characters are showed well with various emotions and I can't help but be attached to them. Kudos and your reader here. Peace ✌️


Great work! Awesome premise. The narration is good. There are some minor typos here and there but nothing that cannot be addressed by editting. Keep up the good work. The story is interesting. 👍


interesting story. I thought for a sec this is like a demonic world and evil lord who seeks for destroying the world I was thinking at first when reading this synopsis, why would a demon saving another demon from an angel if saving was a good word for an angel. All I know was when you heard the word "Demon" expect that they were evil who seeks for revenge, bad doings, and etc. So why does this one "Demon" saves another demon? I kinda curious about it but it doesn't change the fact that I will enjoy reading this book. I only hope there are no horror inside this book, it will send chills on my body if I read one of the horrible sceneries. Yikes! anyway thank you for a wonderful story author. 😊


Writing Quality: High quality. No noticeable error that could affect the flow of the story. 5/5 Updating Stability: The schedule is good. No complain about this. Knowing the intense stress that comes with writing, I give the author thumbs up. 5/5 Story Development: The story is about the MC, Liam, who became the master of a demon, Azrael, after being tricked. Right from the symopsis, the story is already eye-catching. And once readers start to read, they'll see the good progress of the storyline. No deviation from the plot. 5/5 Character Design: The characters are well planned out and designed. It will be interesting to see how Liam, the MC, develops from here. Well made. 5/5 World Background: The world is well built. It's based on light fantasy. The combination of fantasy and the modern take, is greatly done. 5/5 Overall: A well written novel, although still at the early stages. 5/5


Great job! Celestial beings' interactions with our world always pique my interest. The first chapter was very interesting but as the story went on, and though progressing, it felt a little lost. I hope this comes off as advice to a fellow author but maybe instead of a direct showcase of skills, maybe Liam could be placed in harsher situations where he does learn and use his newfound powers. But maybe that's just me. That said, it was an enjoyable read and it will stay in my collection because I'm curious of Liam's journey and the author's progress as well. You're doing great. Keep it up and keep writing! :)


Wording was astonishing, actually nice. Beginning of the story was strong and the further I went the more I could see about the mc. It's an interesting read, I would recommend it to anyone.


This is a fun story that needs some work in the writing department. Once the author has a better handle on his or her writing, the story will begin to shine.


Ayee this is a great book! :D The first chapter was amazing, and with a nice twist too hehe! <3 Writing-wise, amazing. Nothing to nitpick about hehe! Ohyeaa and the thing I enjoyed the most was reading the characters' interaction hehe! Great work, author! <3


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