The Tale of the Devil Sword Master Book

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The Tale of the Devil Sword Master


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Please read tags at the end of the synopsis. ## power stones for bonus chapters (read latest chapter to know more) PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END BEFORE STARTING TO READ *** He, the proud DEVIL EMPEROR died after being heavily injured in the war. But with the help of his subordinates he was by mistakenly transmigrated as a spirit of the sword. But was that really a mistake? Was he betrayed? Who is acting behind the scenes? What are their motives? Follow Kylo as he unravels all the secrets and rules over all the beings of the Universe. *** Author Note 1: Please read "From Author" in Vol 0 Author Note 2: The book cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. It will be taken down if requested Author Note 3: Please read my work till chapter 20 in order to decide whether it is worth reading in the future. *** ALL TAGS:- R-18| Action| Adventure| Anti-Hero| Badass MC| Dark| Dark Past| Demons| Famous MC| Gods| Harem| Intelligent MC| Loyal Subordinates| MC strong from the start| Multi races| NETORI| NO NETORARE| NO NETORASE| Polygamy| Romance| Ruthless MC| Strong to Stronger| Subordinate gathering| Tragic Past| Tsundere|


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