The Tale of Damonous Book

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The Tale of Damonous


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Talia Esmé De Mara is your average 17 year old teenager clueless to the werewolf community lives with none other than her mother. Her mother Esmé was a maid who worked for the most powerful family to exist in the European world, the Medicis'. But when her mother falls incredibly ill it leaves no other choice but to have Talia take her place. But the Medici household is no place for a clueless and clumsy youth like hers. Especially when the one and only Damonous Medici sets his eyes on her. _____________________________________ "Why are you here?" He suddenly asked tilting his head to the side. 'Tell him.... Let him comfort you....' There it was. The voice. That damn voice that tells me the exact opposite of what I should. I stared at his beautiful sapphire eyes. The same shade of the deepest and most mysterious pits of the ocean. If the Poseidon had a lost son. I may be staring at him right now. "Tell me-" He murmured. He took a step forward as I took one back. "Why do you stay?" He took a stride forward as I took one back. "When all we do is hurt you?" He says. His voice sent shivers down my spine. One that could easily manipulate anyone to walk into the hands of his mercy. My lips slightly part against my will and his eyes flashed. Twinkling in delight. "What's your price?" He asked.  "What makes you stay?" He pushed. He stared at me expectantly. As if something was to happen. But I didn't care. I was hypnotized. It was as if I was in some kind of compulsion. Too drawn into those royal blue eyes. I gasped slightly feeling my back hitting a wall. Damonous's lips stretched into a beautiful grin of sadistic mischief.


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