70 [Tsunade Senju! Part-3]

Tsunade-sama was reading a file with her expression fluctuating between surprise and intrigue… Sasuke and Kakashi-san were sitting on the bed and the stool respectively while Sakura was hovering over Sasuke.

'It seems Naruto couldn't take it anymore...'

"Baa-chan, can you tell us if everything's fine?" Naruto whined as he almost started jumping up and down, Tsunade-sama glared at him for calling her old but still closed the file and said, "It's alright both of them are fine, the method of treatment was a little crude and must have taken a lot of time but it was effective nonetheless..."

She then turned to me, "Chunin Tobi Shou is it?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama"

'She is already the Hokage right?'

"Hmm… channel Mystical Palm Technique"

'Mystical Palm Jutsu'

I have gotten used to activating the jutsu without using hand seals so I concentrated and started molding medical chakra in my hands, which turned green… Tsunade-san started examining my technique and even her assistant came forward looking closely…

'Why did it somehow became my examination instead of them...'

I turned towards Kakashi-san for some answers and he just shrugged and gave me an eye-smile, while I was still weirded out by the fact that he could display such sincere emotions with just an eye, Tsunade-sama spoke, "I didn't expect to find someone at this level back home… and at such a young age... who taught you?"


"Yuki-san, leader of the medic-nin training program was my sensei..."

'I suppose in a way… he was the only one to teach me anything related to Iryo-Ninjutsu.'

"Hmm… but in your files, he said you were ready for field duty even before you met him… so you were self-taught before that?" I could feel her 'amazed' emotion but her face remained neutral as if doing a routine checkup…

"Well, some medical ninjutsu scrolls, and a lot of dead fishes..." I chuckle as I rub the back of my head, but she ignored my antics and turned to Shizune, "Shizune start preparing for the program, things will be more interesting than I thought..." Shizune nods and then vanishes as Tsunade-sama turned to me, "Your file was an interesting read, Tobi Shou, you remind me of another blond-haired brat that blew through the shinobi ranks when he was just an ordinary civilian..." I unconsciously looked at Naruto and both Tsunade-sama and Kakashi-san caught my look, "It seems we much have more to discuss… Kakashi, Tobi meet me in my office in a minute!" and with that, she walked out of the room with the rest of us the team 7 looking at me weird for various reasons…

"Should we get going Kakashi-san?" I gave him a nod and started walking out of the room.

'Well since I have a minute'

Deciding to walk the rest of the way I started to make my way to the Hokage residence… 'So I guess I was on the mark about Naruto being the Fourth's kid… *sigh* why didn't the village take better care of him, even if he had to carry the burden of being the Fourth's legacy he could have been raised like the Third's grandson or something...'

I made my way towards Hokage-sama's office and said to the Shizune-san, "Tsunade-sama is expecting me..." She nodded and told me to knock on the door before entering…

I sense Kakashi-san appear inside the office, so I knocked and after hearing an enter I slipped inside the office and closed the gates, Tsunade-sama went through some hand seals and Kanji started appearing around the room, I couldn't sense anything out of the room anymore…

'So this is fuinjutsu… maybe I should learn the basics at least...'

"So Tobi, it seems like you figured out some secrets..."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama"

"You know you are not allowed to tell anybody that… it is an S-class secret that is punishable by death"

"Yes Tsunade-sama"

She nodded and then leaned back in her chair, "I checked your file Tobi, you have accomplished quite a lot in your short shinobi career" She picked up the file that I saw her reading before, "capturing a hyoton bloodline user, capturing Kabuto Yakushi, incapacitating Gaara, helped Sensei in his battle against Orochimaru, Injuring Kisame and stealing his sword..."

I was a little proud of each of those little accomplishments, but hearing Kabuto's name stung a bit, "... and even agreeing to be used in a political marriage…"

"Just doing my duty Tsunade-sama" I guess she noticed my bitter expression at marriage so she asked, "You have done a lot for the village, Tobi… if you want I can decline the marriage alliance, it is within my authority as the new Hokage..."

'... Do it!'

I wanted to scream to unnull the agreement but I looked at the photos of the 4 Kage's hanging behind her… "It's alright thank you for the offer Hokage-sama..." Her gaze softened for the first time since I have met her as she nodded…

"Okay then, tell me if you change your mind, now I have two things to tell you, first Kabuto Yakushi escaped from the T & I department..."

'What! But he should be unable to even move!!'

"But Hokage-sama! I cut off his brain's connection to his muscles… he should not even be able to move..." I was clenching my hands and my expression said how angry I was as the magnetic field in the region destabilized… Kunai and shurikens began floating and my Iron sand was coming loose when Kakashi-san tapped my shoulder in order to calm me down…

I stopped channeling magnet release chakra and things calmed down, "Sorry for the outburst, Hokage-sama"

"It's alright! I read your report and what you said is true, he should not be able to, and he didn't, he was broken out by someone..."

Both Kakashi-san and I looked at her with a disbelieving expression as she continued, "Someone walked right into the heart of Konoha, bypassed all our security channels, and escaped with Kabuto without raising any alarms..."


'That's even worse...'

"Kabuto will be placed back into our bingo book as a high-level priority target as looking at the report it will be very hard, even for me to heal him unless a tailed beast is placed into him..."

I was coming to terms with the news and my hand was still clenched as she continued, "... and the second thing is that I want to suspend your ANBU duties unless the mission especially requires your abilities..."

Seeing me about to protest she said, "...I had a dream once, Tobi-kun, to train medical ninja's to reduce the casualty during missions, and now that I am Hokage, I am going to do everything in my power to make that dream come true, I want you to take over teaching about medical ninjutsu to the younger generation..."

'Me! A sensei???'

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