165 ~A QUIET PLACE II~ (Cabin in the Green)

A BUSINESS OF FERRETS ROAMED THE DISTANT FIELDS as the sun went dipping down the far Woods, it's last slivers of gold blotted out by the heavy branches of Silver Birches and Red Alders. Of course in the District of Lords, the trees grew majestic and large, enough obscure the sunlight before the final setting of dusk. In the little areas between their dense foliage, sunlight streamed through as intense rays, straight like magical streals, to paint the entire district in diverse beams. It hit the Cabin in wan rainbow colors and the quaint home seemed even more enchanting at the halos cast over it.

The fine carriage of Royals crested in front of the cabin. Beyond it was a path unmarked in nothing but trimmed lianas and succulent vines. There wasn't another soul in the Green, and the closest manse was yards away. The Cabin was the solitary home among the sublime marshes.


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