180 Use me 2

As he whispered, "I'm going to take care of you," 

He licked her lips and sucked on her tongue, making her writhe with pleasure. After pulling away, he chuckled and got off the bed completely. 

When he returned, he told her to lift her head, covered her eyes with a cloth, and tied the knot skillfully behind her head, effectively eliminating her vision. 

The loss of one of her five senses seemed to heighten the remaining four, the most prevalent being her sense of touch. Her skin felt electrified, every nerve ending pulsating with desire and need for him.

She bit her lip nervously, unable to see anything, but she could feel his presence. He breathed, "Trust me," before getting off the bed again and rummaging through the drawer.

 He lifted off the bed once more, and she heard him reach into the drawer again.



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