187 Ugly Truth

Trigger warning: SA

It's muffled at first but becomes clearer.

She could hear the yelling telling him to open up his mouth and take it like a good boy... But it's the screams she could hear, the begging - the crying that has tears spilling from her eyes before she can stop them as she watches in horror.

Little Rhys sounded so terrified, so fucking terrified and she wanted to jump into the laptop and get them away from him.

"Open up your pretty little mouth" The man behind him who was taking him from behind voice bellowed before she heard a loud smack and heard Rhys' small voice wail in pain.

"Please I'll be good I'll good I'll be good - please don't - please help me - I don't want to" 

Rhys' scared voice chokes and sobs and she felt like her insides were being shredded.

"No boy, you need to - this your fault" the man behind him voice spoke while the one in front forced his mouth open and plunged his cock inside his mouth.


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