185 Secret untold 2

Rhys sighed, clearly he didn't find what she was saying funny. 

"Then after we separated I thought I could forget you, but like a drug I was addicted to you. You were all I could think about."

She watches as Rhys clears his throat, frowning as if he's still trying to sort his own jumbled thoughts out. "Then I saw that. You're with Damien and it just fucked everything. That was the day when it slapped me fair in the face when I realized I wanted you to want me - wanted you to smile at me, laugh at my stupid jokes and keep looking at me the way you did that day I met you for the first time - I liked how you looked at me, never had someone look at me the way you did. I just wanted to be around you, but I didn't understand what that was, and it just frustrated me," he says.

"Then there was the night I kissed you again when I was all fucked up. I missed you, and you were all I thought about. 


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