197 Rain

Beatrix gazed out into the somber rain-soaked landscape that unfolded before her. The rhythmic patter of raindrops against the glass created a symphony of melancholy, echoing the turmoil within her heart.

Her eyes were fixed on the solitary figure standing in the downpour, a familiar silhouette outlined against the gray backdrop. 

It was Rhys, his tall frame shrouded in the darkness, his disheveled hair plastered against his forehead by the rain. 

He stood steadfast, resolute, as if the storm raging around him was a mere whisper in comparison to the tempest that swirled within his soul.

Beatrix's conflicted emotions tugged at her, torn between the anger and hurt that had fueled her resolve and the love that still lingered within her heart. 

She could see the longing etched on Rhys's face, the silent plea for forgiveness that emanated from his eyes. 


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