6 Why Am I So Attractive

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"What the f*ck…" 

"How did he guess it?"

"Guess? Do you diagnose an intracranial hemorrhage with guesswork?"

The doctors immediately started exchanging views on this medical case.

Many experienced doctors were unable to accept this sudden plot twist. 

A diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage had been made without history-taking, physical examination or diagnostic investigations. A chaperone had even been instructed to escort the patient to the neurosurgery department after his CT scan.

That was an impressive judgment, even though it was completely beyond the comprehension of all on-duty doctors in the emergency department.

"That patient didn't look like he was having an intracranial hemorrhage, but the end result was really unexpected."

"Damn, he is good. No wonder Chief Physician Old Pan promoted Little Zheng to chief resident directly. That chief physician really has a pair of keen eyes."

"That's true. He was once a chief physician in charge of a ward specifically for senior officials in the military hospital. Do you think he could get that position if he hadn't been good at his job? Chief Zheng is good too. Disregarding other issues, that diagnosis alone truly convinced me."

Even though Zheng Ren was born with a gentle heart, he could not help but smile happily as he heard the discussion around him.

Not because of his colleagues' compliments, but due to the power of the System.

However, trepidation started consuming Zheng Ren after savoring his triumph.

He judged a patient's condition using only the information provided by the System. What would happen if there was an error in the System? That was wrong and he decided to perform a physical examination on every patient from now on as a failsafe.

That was how a clinician usually worked. No clinician would trust any given diagnosis even if it was given by a senior chief physician or professor from Imperial Capital and Sorcery Capital.

It was better to be safe than sorry in the future.

Yuan Li, who appeared a decade older instantly, returned to the consultation room, obviously dispirited and bewildered.

How did Zheng Ren diagnose an intracranial hemorrhage without history-taking and physical examination? He could not figure it out despite racking his brain.

That was utterly unbelievable!

Doctor Yuan Li, who remained doubtful regardless of the truth, opened the radiology film software in his computer and searched for the teenager's cranial CT films as there was no other patient seeking consultation at the moment. 

Sure enough, the cranial CT films showed a tiny hyperdense lesion at the anterior communicating artery, which was suggestive of a hemorrhage, and visual estimation put the blood loss at approximately one milliliter. Such a small lesion could be easily misidentified as image artifacts if the patient had not lost consciousness.

Even though Zheng Ren's diagnosis proved to be correct, Yuan Li still did not understand how he diagnosed an intracranial hemorrhage without doing anything.

Guesswork. That kid must have guessed the diagnosis!

Zheng Ren patiently waited for any patient who required wound closure to visit the emergency department.

Strangely enough, the emergency department should have been overflowing with patients with various trauma of different severities, but none of them required him to suture a wound today.

Major resuscitation or severe trauma cases were not common even in the emergency department, so Zheng Ren needed luck in order to perform surgery in this place.

When the clock reached half-past eleven, Zheng Ren pretended as if nothing had happened and asked Yuan Li to have his lunch at the cafeteria while he looked after the department in the meantime.

The emotionless Yuan Li—who had been immersed in his own train of thought for the whole morning—ignored Zheng Ren's kindness and went for lunch without expressing any gratitude.

It was approximately half-past twelve when Zheng Ren arrived at the cafeteria after Yuan Li's return.

The cafeteria was not crowded since it was past lunch hour at the moment. After taking some food from a stall, Zheng Ren went to a corner of the cafeteria and started munching while savoring the new features bestowed on him by the System.

The System was basically an unparalleled and peerless tool for a doctor, especially with the amazing features it had to offer.

"Isn't that Zheng Ren? He was the first to discover that the patient was suffering from an intracranial hemorrhage this morning." 

"It was just an intracranial hemorrhage. Not much of a big deal at all. Judging by his magnetic constitution for bad luck, he must have reached the level of a senior Onmyōji1"

"Haha, that's right! Instead of gaining knowledge in the operation with Professor Ichiro Moriyu, he became a scapegoat in the end. That was really unfortunate."

Zheng Ren recognized the doctors—from the ICU department—who were having lunch not far away from him.

They made no attempt at lowering their voices even when the very person they discussed was close by them.

"Guesswork," said a random doctor after shifting his gaze to Zheng Ren's back.

"Brother Yun, you're absolutely right," his follower went along with it.

Zheng Ren recognized that doctor by his voice.

He was Su Yun, Director Fu's nephew and a postgraduate student from some well-reputed medical institution in Imperial Capital. Zheng Ren had heard on the grapevine that he was a successful doctoral student but eventually ended up in Sea City for some inexplicable reason.

Zheng Ren could never understand such a ridiculous reaction.

Well, whatever Su Yun did was reasonable anyway, since he was born in a family of physicians. Zheng Ren… The former Zheng Ren could not possibly compete with him in every aspect.

However, Zheng Ren figured that they were incomparable even in his current state—he was far superior to Su Yun.

Su Yun's jet black hair flowed down his back and shone like the sea at night with some strands hanging on his forehead like a fringe. His big, black eyes embedded in his fair-skinned face were like jewels from the pit of hell itself.

Everyone would assume Su Yun was indeed a gorgeous lady with a beauty level of over ninety percent on a first impression.

However, on closer inspection, they would begin to doubt it. Wait… a young man?

Almost everyone—in the hospital or on the street—would definitely stare at Su Yun again after their first glance.

That was the summary of Su Yun's physical appearance—a young man who was more beautiful than most women in the world.

"Brother Yun, what else can the others do if you work in the general surgery department? That surgery wouldn't have ended up in a mess if you were the one cooperating with Professor Moriyu at that time," said a doctor who looked more than a decade older than Su Yun.

That doctor seemed to be very close with Su Yun to be able to address him as "Brother Yun" without feeling awkward.

Su Yun expelled a gust of air through his pursed lips, causing the black hair before his eyes to dance along with it.

"What sort of fun can you get in general surgery? Do you know why I chose not to become a general surgeon?" asked Su Yun.

"Now that you mentioned it, you were a doctoral student who had the chance of learning cardiothoracic surgery with Lecturer Han last time, but why didn't you take it?"

Zheng Ren had the same question in mind too, so he kept his ears open and listened to the gossip about Su Yun's past.

The reason for Su Yun's return to Sea City General Hospital was not as simple as the second generation of the medical family merely wanting to enjoy life without working.

"I didn't want to trouble the anesthesiologists."

What? What did this have to do with anesthesiologists? Zheng Ren and the ICU doctors around Su Yun were taken by surprise.

Su Yun brushed his hair aside with solitude written all over his face.

"Life gave me the smartest brain and the nimblest fingers, so I was born to be the best surgeon in the world, but fate isn't fair to me," Su Yun's tone sounded as if his soul was barren and he was an elderly man who understood the true meaning of life. "It gave me an unrivaled beauty."

"..." Everyone was dumbfounded.

"My unsurpassable beauty was so striking that even two layers of surgical masks failed to conceal it. That was why, every single time, the anesthesiologists had to increase the anesthetic dosage to sedate the patient preoperatively. Some patients remained conscious even at maximum dosage. Tell me, how can I work in the general surgery department when that issue troubles me every time?"

There was pin-drop silence and every air molecule seemed to be frozen in that moment.

Zheng Ren fought the urge to laugh and tried his very best to swallow his food so that he would not accidentally projectile vomit right into Su Yun's face.

"Ahem…" Su Yun's follower did not possess the same shameless attitude as his master, so he cleared his throat after a while and said, "Brother Yun, I think you're absolutely right."

Zheng Ren continued resisting the urge to laugh as it would be unwise to provoke Su Yun.

Not because of the fact that Su Yun was Director Fu's nephew… 

However, he was every nurses' Prince Charming and no nurse would assist him in future surgeries if he dared to provoke Su Yun.

Zheng Ren shuddered at the thought of him—the surgeon—performing a surgery alone in the operating theater without a scrub nurse at the scene.

What hospital arrangements? Nursing department assignments?

Junior nurses nowadays belonged to Generation Z and they had the courage to resign at the first sign of job dissatisfaction, since they usually earned low paychecks despite strenuous work. If their beauty was above average, they could just record videos or start live broadcasts and have better income than working in a hospital.

If not… Well, those online streaming platforms usually offered various special effects such as smooth skin, beauty mode, filters, long legs, and extra-long legs … Right?

Even the nursing department dared not provoke the younger generations of nurses, let alone their Prince Charming…

Zheng Ren gulped down his food hastily and left the cafeteria immediately.

Even though he was already far away from the cafeteria, Su Yun's words reached his ears nonetheless. "Why am I so attractive?"

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