2 The True Pinnacle

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What? System binding? Numerous questions emerged in Zheng Ren's mind.

Zheng Ren had never drunk alcohol or visited a nightclub despite being a bachelor. A surgeon's life was hectic and he could only spare some free time reading online fiction for his daily entertainment.

However, he had not expected a plot lifted straight from those novels to fall upon him today.

The absent-minded Zheng Ren heard the emotionless, robotic voice again.

"The host has obtained a novice benefit—prime experience for thirty minutes."

Zheng Ren was a senior novel hobbyist, so he accepted the existence of such a System fairly easily.

A white light exploded in his eyes again for a split second before he could communicate with the System.

Zheng Ren was shocked to find his hands moving on their own after regaining his eyesight.

Holding the curved-bladed scissors in one hand, he started separating the adhesive tissue on the pancreatic tumor with the blunt end of the scissors. The movement of his fingers was dexterous and vigilant, and he would use the sharp end of the scissors only when particularly tough and fibrous adhesive tissue hindered his advance.

Was this a dream?

He summoned all his strength to try and regain control of his hands but surprisingly, they took no orders from him despite being a part of his body.

Zheng Ren was experiencing the feeling of a high-level paraplegic patient who had lost control of all their limbs.

Besides, his limbs were performing an advanced and precise surgery as if they were machines!

Had the System assumed control of his body? Was this fantasy-novel possession where his body had actually been possessed by the System?

Would his consciousness fade away slowly but surely and vanish into thin air after a while?

A series of questions sent cold sweat dripping down his back as he was embroiled in a cruel mire of despair with no chance of escape.

"Host, please be advised that bodily control is impossible during the thirty minutes of prime experience. Agitation detected. Hormone imbalance noted. Minimal sedation administered," The robotic voice emerged in his mind once more.

Zheng Ren calmed down momentarily under the System's assistance.

"Host, please value this opportunity for prime experience. Please take note that the free prime experience is given only once. Repeat, free chance given only once."

Disregarding the fact that his physical self was performing the surgery, he realized his current view was the best and precisely what he had yearned for from the corner of the operating theater just now!

Mere observers would have never gotten the chance to view the whole surgical process from the operating surgeon's point of view, which was undeniably the best possible view for learning.

This opportunity had finally been presented to Zheng Ren in that moment. On the other hand, Cen Meng—the chief resident—widened his eyes in disbelief when he noticed that Zheng Ren was continuing the surgery despite being a surgical assistant.

"Zheng Ren, what are you doing!" yelled Cen Meng in an attempt to stop Zheng Ren from carrying on.

However, he received only silence in return.

Zheng Ren continued the surgery with his hands as nimble as two dancing elves.

Cen Meng noticed something peculiar as he was about to interrupt the procedure.

Wait, surgical scissors could be used that way?

Zheng Ren actually separated the adhesion on the pancreatic head via blunt force with his finger. Was he not worried about a pancreatic tear?

Surprisingly, there was an abnormal blood vessel supplying the tumor. How had he noticed it?

Cen Meng had a lot of questions on his mind.

That was impossible! Cen Meng was well aware of Zheng Ren's standard. Both of them came to Sea City General Hospital two years apart and they knew each other's skill level very well despite the lack of intimacy between them.

Cen Meng was better than Zheng Ren in terms of flattery and being a bootlicker. Moreover, he became Chief Surgeon Liu's confidant a long time ago thanks to his uncle's friendship with the chief surgeon.

Otherwise, Chief Surgeon Liu would have brought his deputy chief to this heavyweight surgery instead of Cen Meng.

The insiders knew the ropes, but outsiders just came along for the ride.

Even so, Cen Meng started to get confused despite being an insider.

Cen Meng had been amazed by Professor Moriyu's skill level but even his superb expertise failed to reach the altitude of the ability Zheng Ren currently possessed.

No. Not only was Professor Ichiro Moriyu's skill level lower than Zheng Ren, the difference between their expertise was actually humongous!

The situation changed again when Cen Meng's mind wandered for a brief moment.

A few minutes later, the adhesive tissues had been separated from the tumor and only the abdominal aorta required adhesiolysis at the moment.

This was the most crucial part of this surgery. The abdominal aorta was around three centimeters in diameter and less elastic than normal arteries. Thus, any injury to the abdominal aorta during adhesiolysis was potentially irreversible.

This would result in a massive hemorrhage and the patient would inevitably pass away on the operating table.

Surgeons would normally give up after encountering this intraoperative finding and inform the patient's family that, regrettably, they had done their very best.

This was the reason why Professor Ichiro Moriyu chose to end the surgery after foreseeing this outcome.

However, there was not a single mote of hesitation in Zheng Ren's hands as he started separating the outer layer of the abdominal aorta with the surgical scissors.

Impossible! The separation of inferior vena cava's outer layer required special instruments. How could a blunt end of the surgical scissor do that?

Cen Meng started to get confused once again.

Professor Moriyu had given up on this surgery just now due to a lack of suitable instruments in the Sea City General Hospital and turned a pancreaticoduodenectomy into an "open and close surgery".

Every procedure—separation, cut, anastomosis, lymphadenectomy—was brief and precise.

The surgery was completed at the twenty-sixth minute. Warm, normal saline was used to irrigate the peritoneal cavity before suturing.

That pair of hands did not even check if he missed any active bleeding spots, as if Zheng Ren had infinite confidence in himself that there were no mistakes at all.

At the twenty-ninth minute, the peritoneal cavity and abdominal incision were sutured. The surgery was officially finished.

Other than the initial failed attempt at stopping Zheng Ren, Cen Meng had merely stood there and watched the whole operative process for thirty minutes in a confused state.

His sterile surgical cap and gloves were drenched in sweat at the moment.

Merely half an hour of observation had exhausted him greatly.

Zheng Ren, who knew only about appendectomy, had just performed a pancreaticoduodenectomy! Not just an ordinary surgery, but a surgery in which a world-class specialist failed to continue and gave up on in the end!

Cen Meng could not believe it, but he had seen the perfect surgery with his own eyes.

That was unbelievable!

This thirty-minutes prime experience had definitely been an eye-opener for Zheng Ren.

When the time was up, an overwhelming fatigue erupted from his soul and surged through his entire body, persuading his muscles to give in to gravity and float into dreamland.

However, Zheng Ren knew that it was not a good time for sleep. He needed to go home as soon as possible and study this System in his head.

Apart from Cen Meng, there had been a scrub nurse and an anesthesiologist inside the operating theater. Zheng Ren bid goodbye to all of them before heading out eagerly.

He changed his clothes immediately instead of wasting time in a shower.

Upon exiting the operating theater, he saw Chief Surgeon Liu talking to a group of people.

The group was headed by an elderly man and a young, beautiful girl in her twenties.

Chief Surgeon Liu was keeping a low profile by leaning slightly forward and smiling apologetically.

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