2976 Side Story (2)

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But No one had touched the patient just now. The person closest to the patient was old chief physician Pan. He had wanted to hold the patient down, but before he could do so, the patient's arm had suffered a"Spontaneous" fracture.

It's not over yet.

There was another clatter.

This time it was louder and clearer than the last time.

Feng Xuhui stared blankly at the twisted and deformed position of a third of the patient's forearm, which had been broken in front of old chief physician Pan and Su Yun.

The arm was bent, and although the broken bone did not pierce the skin, the hematoma bulged at a visible rate.

Su Yun looked at the patient's distorted arm in astonishment. Everything around him seemed to disappear in an instant, turning into a blank.

Knock, Knock

The heartbeat echoed in my ears, and all I could see was the twisted, swollen arm of the patient.

A fracture of the radius and ulna. The diagnosis is simple.


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