Thus, his intensive training for appendectomy officially began.

Zheng Ren used everything he knew—whatever it was what he had learned, seen or heard previously—and even made some creative modifications to the treatment techniques of various surgical case scenarios to confront the different inflamed appendixes and countless tricks thrown at him by the System.

He had subscribed to many sources of medical literature due to his insatiable hunger for knowledge.

He was also creative and had countless thoughts and ideas.

As he entered this land of bliss in his mysterious world, he completely forgot about the imminent danger threatening his life like a knife on his throat.

He devoted himself entirely to improving his skill in appendectomy and even put various creative and unorthodox theories into practice.

In the end, Zheng Ren made a flower out of a plain and simple appendectomy.

From fifteen minutes for a simple appendectomy at the start, he was able to treat a complicated case of phlegmonous appendicitis within five minutes. Everything else in his mind was cast aside as he immersed himself in an inextricable, addictive mire. 

The System's rating was updated from Good to Excellent.

With only two days left on the training program, it finally concluded that Zheng Ren could perform an appendectomy perfectly.

Even so, he did not dare to slack off and tried his best to improve every surgical step as much as possible, since his life was at stake. 

When the timer finally reached zero, the operating theater started dissipating and, without warning, Zheng Ren was immediately flung out of the mysterious world.

The world was etched in shadow as if the sky was a blanket of gray and a storm was about to hit. Even the air was no longer fresh, as the faint, metallic scent of blood lingered in the atmosphere.

Splash… The sound of running tap water snapped Zheng Ren's mind back to reality.

Time in the real world had remained stationary but Zheng Ren had a strange feeling that he was at least twenty years older at present.

He had performed almost 2300 appendectomy surgeries within that split second, which were basically all the appendectomies he would do in his entire life.

After rinsing the surgical instruments thoroughly and quickly, he placed them into a sterilization box and opened the procedure room door.

"Hello, Doctor Zheng."

The voices were thunderous and simultaneous. 

Those brutes were nowhere to be seen; instead, Elder San was standing there leisurely along with two rows of ten men in the corridor, who bowed and greeted in unison as soon as the door opened.

"Cool!" Surrounding bystanders were excited to see such a spectacular scene.

"I'm sorry, Doctor Zheng. Ms. Bu has some issues to attend to and can't visit you personally. May I ask if you are free tonight?" asked Elder San courteously.

Time? That was exactly what Zheng Ren lacked at the moment.

Thus, he answered instinctively without the slightest hesitation, "No."


There was a moment of awkward silence.

Elder San, who was briefly stunned, smiled and replied without losing his manners, "We shall visit you again next time, Doctor Zheng."

"That's… That's very kind of you." Zheng Ren realized his mistake immediately, but how could he waste time for leisure when his life was being threatened by the System? If he missed an appendectomy because of this… Well, he would be one step closer to hell.

He had no choice but to go with the flow, so he explained apologetically, "I'm really busy these few days. I'll be free after this."

Instead of continuing the conversation, Elder San summoned Little Six to apologize to Zheng Ren and departed.

Once Elder San and his people had left the hospital, the doctors and nurses of the emergency department surrounded Zheng Ren immediately to ask about the incident just now.

"Zheng Ren, come to my office." A voice reached Zheng Ren's ears, which saved him from getting overwhelmed by the situation.

He recognized it as the voice of Old Chief Physician Pan and squeezed through the crowd quickly. "Chief Physician Pan, you've returned."

"Yes, we'll have a chat in my office."

After they entered the room, Chief Physician Pan immediately sat on his swivel chair and said, "Do you know what I did today?"

Zheng Ren was at a loss for words as he was still unaccustomed to Chief Physician Pan's speaking style.

"I demanded hospital management transfer some staff for my plan to establish an emergency operating theater," said Chief Physician Pan, who was staring at Zheng Ren intently with a piercing gaze, as if he was a general in an expeditionary warfare. "Do you feel confident?"

He cut straight to the point without any greeting or prior warning.

Zheng Ren fell in love with Chief Physician Pan's disposition instantly.

Chief Physician Pan's words nearly made him weep and he was willing to dedicate himself entirely to this elderly man for saving his life.

What troubled Zheng Ren the most? Before this, it had been performing ten appendectomies perfectly within three days. After that fifteen days in hell, this mission was not a problem any more. 

Zheng Ren figured that his surgical technique for appendectomy had reached a Master rank or higher after performing thousands of appendectomies of different variations within the System. He could still potentially fall short of perfection, but the chances of that were very minimal.

The real problem was… Where the hell was he supposed to find patients with acute appendicitis? The operating theater? A surgical team—nurses for both the operating theater and patients' postoperative care, anesthesiologists, clinicians—would be required as well.

In other words, an appendectomy was one of the simplest minor surgeries in the general surgery department, but at least twenty more staff would be required if this simple surgery was to be performed in the emergency department.

Where else would he perform an appendectomy apart from the emergency department? It would be unwise to return to the general surgery department, and there was not enough time for him to change his workplace, either.

If he were honest with himself, his initial plan was to perform the surgeries in some random, illegal clinic.

Chief Physician Pan furrowed his eyebrows, which radiated the austerity of two intimidating black dragons, when he noticed Zheng Ren's peculiar expression.

Zheng Ren snapped out of his thoughts and answered immediately, "Chief Physician Pan, I can start performing surgeries as soon as the team is assembled."

Zheng Ren's words softened Chief Physician Pan's stony expression slightly.

"Any thoughts?"

"In order to train the team and speed up the adaptation process, I'm going to perform all available appendectomy cases first," said Zheng Ren confidently.

Smack! Chief Physician Pan slammed his palm onto the table suddenly which made Zheng Ren jump up in shock.

"Exactly what I had in mind. Do you know what I've been doing this whole day?" asked Chief Physician Pan.

"I visited the director, the nursing department, and the anesthesiology department to request for some staff transfers," answered Chief Physician Pan, who was in high spirits, "Doctor Zheng Ren, I'm going to need you to develop a hardworking spirit and build a successful surgical team as soon as possible!"

Normally, these words would have definitely and greatly exhaust Zheng Ren.

However, today, they were like music to his ears.

What a lifesaver! Zheng Ren fought the urge to rush forward, hug Chief Physician Pan, and cry. 

He had to complete ten surgeries perfectly with a knife to his neck. The stress was overwhelming but Zheng Ren needed to vent his anxiety elsewhere.

"Chief Physician Pan, please tell them to hurry up. I'd like to perform surgery immediately if conditions permit it," said Zheng Ren.

Chief Physician Pan was visibly startled as he heard this.

After running around the hospital and repeatedly asking for favors for a whole day, Chief Physician Pan's plan was finally starting to take shape. 

He was even thinking about how to persuade Zheng Ren—who was the only surgeon in the emergency department—on the way back to the hospital. He could assist Zheng Ren in surgery temporarily, but he would definitely be exhausted—especially in his advancing age—if there were more than five surgeries in a day.

To his surprise, his plan was going so smoothly that it was almost beyond his control.

Chief Physician Pan pointed at the chair opposite him. "Sit down and talk."

Zheng Ren finally noticed that he had been standing in front of Chief Physician Pan like a soldier ever since they had entered the office.

"Little Zheng, I can see that you're talented but unrecognized. You may suffer for a while in the emergency department but trust me, you'll benefit in the long run," Chief Physician Pan said sincerely without his usual sternness.

"Chief Physician Pan, don't worry. I'm not afraid of trouble," replied Zheng Ren confidently.

Chief Physician Pan had been prepared to negotiate with Zheng Ren initially but the young doctor's enthusiasm was beyond his expectations. 

Motivated and impulsive. Oh… It must be nice to be young.

"Well, we can't rush everything, since it takes time to allocate related personnel too. Besides, we have to start small and figure out how to improve flaws later."

Everything had its own destiny. It was unalterable.

Dejected and dispirited, Zheng Ren left Chief Physician Pan's office with his mind full of thoughts about the mission—ten surgeries within three days.

If all else failed, he could visit the villages around Sea City to treat any appendicitis case.

However, it was difficult to perform appendectomies perfectly there due to unsatisfactory sterilization and disinfection conditions.

The System's unknown threat left Zheng Ren in distress and sadness.

Chief Physician Pan shook the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the hospital like a catfish stirring up mud in a crystal-clear pond.

It had been a long time since Sea City General Hospital planned a major project. Soon, everyone in the hospital knew that the emergency department was planning to expand its territory with the establishment of a new emergency operating theater.

The general surgery department and orthopedic surgery department bore the brunt of this project as the minor surgeries in these two departments happened to be the most common cases seen in the emergency department.

The chief surgeons in the first and second general surgery department were instantly restless and troubled when they caught wind of the emergency department's plan on using acute appendicitis cases to initiate the project.

After a brief discussion, they brought several subordinate doctors to the emergency department to confront those behind the new development.

A dozen doctors in white coats appeared on one end of the corridor. The group was arranged in a triangle resembling a sharp arrowhead, with two chief surgeons leading the group at its tip followed by the deputy chief surgeons, attending surgeons, chief residents, and clinicians. 

Most people would be struck with awe witnessing this shocking and magnificent scene. 

However, both Zheng Ren and Chief Physician Pan were immune to such foibles.

"Old Pan, I heard that you're going to establish an emergency operating theater?" hissed Chief Surgeon Liu of the first general surgery department, who had reached the limit of his patience. His intense hatred of the whistleblower—Zheng Ren—compelled him to launch an attack immediately upon arrival without even an attempt a chit-chat.

"Did the hospital management transfer you guys to the emergency department?" asked Chief Physician Pan, who was looking askew at Chief Surgeon Liu despite knowing the answer. 

"Would there be anyone else willing to come here? If so, why have I never heard of it?" Chief Surgeon Liu retaliated immediately.

"Why are you guys so free, anyway? Is there no surgery happening at all in the general surgery department? You're all doctors, so start behaving like one! I may be senile, but you're not supposed to act with such immaturity, either! Who the hell gave you the courage to cause trouble in the emergency department?!" Chief Physician Pan, sometimes called 'Cannon Pan', was known for his caustic level of sarcasm during arguments.

Everyone lowered their head and avoided direct eye contact with him as he pointed at them, radiating a tyrant's aura.

Chief Surgeons Liu and Chief Surgeon Sun from the second general surgery department immediately felt that things were going wrong. Both departments had the best and most advanced technical skills in general surgery in the province, and they were here on the offensive against the emergency department, not to get reprimanded by Chief Physician Pan.

"Old Pan, I respect your contribution to the military hospital before, but is there anyone capable of performing surgery in the emergency department? Who is going to take responsibility for delays in treatment for emergency cases?" asked Chief Surgeon Liu sullenly after regaining his cool.

"Yo!" Chief Physician Pan was completely disinterested in humoring Chief Surgeon Liu. "Do you still remember who taught you surgery? You dare ask me who'll take responsibility? I, Old Pan, am standing here right now; of course the responsibility is mine!"

Chief Surgeon Liu was Chief Physician Pan's student? Hardly anyone in the hospital knew of this mentor-apprentice relationship since the connection between the two was not obvious at all.

Chief Surgeon Liu's expression darkened instantly as Chief Physician Pan flaunted his seniority, which forced him to concede their argument. Even if he was justified, none of it would matter when the hospital CEO condemned him for disrespecting an elderly colleague. 

Thus, he directed his vitriol at Zheng Ren.

"Zheng Ren, I taught you everything you know, and now you want to become the lead surgeon of the emergency department? Let me tell you something, you're not qualified!"

Zheng Ren was well-mannered and meek. He never fought back, quarreled or grumbled no matter what happened.

However, there was a cold, sharp feeling at his throat. Three days left.

Rather than being a coward, he simply felt that arguing was pointless. However, inevitably, even a worm will turn.

Sparks flew as Zheng Ren met Chief Surgeon Liu's gaze unflinchingly.

"Chief Surgeon Liu, Chief Physician Pan, how about this… I'll perform ten appendectomies and both of you can observe them together. If there is a single mistake or flaw in any of them, I will resign immediately," announced Zheng Ren.

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