All-Channel Feelings_1

Translator: 549690339

Many thanks to the Chuang Shi Chinese network for giving this book the opportunity to reach all channels, allowing Tongtian Wuzun to gain more support and recognition from readers. I would also like to thank the editor, Sheng Xia, and chief editor, Tai Shan, as well as the editor, Pi Dan, and Rui Li Da Da for their strong support and cultivation of this book.

This recommendation is very important to me, and it counts as recognition from Chuang Shi, the editors, and the readers. I am truly grateful in my heart for this recognition.

Many people know that my father passed away last year, making me feel the responsibility, burden, and various things weighing down on me instantly. As a result, I encountered many setbacks in updating the story, but even so, I managed to pull through with difficulty.

And since then, I have become even more aware of the value of various things. I have nothing else to give you but my efforts in updating the story!