192 The realm of dragons (1)

Author's note: this is from Seraphina's point of view

I blinked at the sight in front of me.

Did I land in the rocky desert of Arizona?

Everything around me was red and brown with occasional hues of orange. The soil was dry, and I could see leafless bushes and rocks of all sizes.

In the distance, barren mountains appeared devoid of life. The air was hot and unwelcoming.

Was this really the realm of the mighty Graike, the Lord of Lightning?

The blue sky had no clouds and no birds, but the most suffocating was the silence. There was no life in sight, yet I had a feeling of being watched. Did I get paranoid?

I removed the heavy winter coat that protected me from the blizzard I left on the other side of the portal, and the fluffy garment disappeared into my purse that can store much more than it looks from the outside. I will never get bored of using dimensional storage.


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