The supporting character's harem is very normal

Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have. This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing. I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3') --------------- After going bankrupt, with nothing left in his hands, Lathel died at the age of 50. After his death, a god offered him a chance to go to another world and help the male protagonists. His mission was to solve the problems surrounding the heroines so that the male protagonists could easily get along with them. To be more precise, his job was similar to that of a chef. He would Process the ingredients and cook a sumptuous feast, while the male protagonists just needed to sit at the table and enjoy it. After completing his mission, he was threatened by a stranger. In the face of this threat Lathel just smiled and decided to commit suicide. After he died, those heroines also dropped their facade and revealed their true nature. Lathel once again met the god who helped him. This time, the god allowed him to choose the world he wanted to go to as a gift for completing his task. He then chose a Fantasy world, a place most men dreamt of. However, the Fantasy world had too many people to choose from, moreover the number of main character and antagonist slots were all full. In the end, Lathel accepted to take on the role of an extremely weak supporting character to go to the Fantasy world. However, this time he didn't need to work or help the main character. He just needed to not affect the main character's development. Lathel: “Hm... as long as it doesn't affect the main character... then... Can I make a harem?” God: “Of course.” Lathel: “Hm... so... I just need to avoid the main character's woman.” God: “That's right. You just need to try to survive in that world. Ah! I will give you a system that will help you have a good life in that world. I Hope you enjoy this new life.” Lathel: “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women, it seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.” God: “Hm... not really...” *** See the character's pic here: https://twitter.com/HikaruKiki1111

HikaruKiki · Fantasy
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475 Chs

After Lathel's Death (3)


The kick was so strong that it sent a 190cm tall young man like Syka flying back three meters before falling to the ground.

Syka clutched his stomach, he felt as if he had just been gored by a buffalo.

He didn't think that even though the opponent was female and only about 160cm tall, her kick would be so strong.

It must be known that he was a perfect CEO, and he even possessed an extremely perfect body.

But… it was all meaningless.

A kick from that person made Syka doubt whether he was as strong as he thought.

However, he didn't have time to think about this. Syka vomited on the floor and he felt a sharp pain in his stomach as if it had burst.

The mysterious person was Justia.

Justia grabbed the female secretary's hair, held it up high and then slammed the female secretary's head against the wall.


The female secretary's face collided with the wall, causing the bridge of her nose to be broken, her four front teeth fell out, and she immediately lost consciousness.

After that, Justia threw the unconscious female secretary outside. She entered the room then closed the door.

Justia walked slowly towards Syka, when she was in front of him she lowered her head and looked down at him, as if she was looking at something insignificant.

"You… who are you?" Syka suppressed the pain and tried to ask.

"You just need to know that I am the one who enforces justice."

"Bullshit… Protect… protect…"

"Don't scream, it's useless. No one will be able to save you."

"You…" Syka frowned, however, at this moment he took a deep breath, trying to appear calm: "What do you want? Money?"

"Are you deaf?" Justia looked at him like she was looking at an idiot: "I said I am the one who enforces justice. How could an idiot like you become the CEO of a corporation? Lathel is a thousand times better than you."

If Lathel heard what Justia said, he would say: 'This is a normal setting in male protagonist CEO novels.'

"Lathel? You are… you want to avenge Lathel? I have nothing to do with his death."

"I don't care." Justia said, her voice was filled with an iciness that made Syka shiver in fear.

"Damn it!" Syka struggled, trying to stand up.

But in the meantime, Justia took out a pair of gloves and quickly put them on.

The black gloves, which were covered with steel spikes, looked extremely scary.

Justia did not hesitate, as she swung her right hand, and punched Syka straight in the face.


The punch was so strong that as soon as Syka stood up, he fell backwards.

Syka lay on the ground, his hands covering his face. The punch just now caused his two molars to fall out, and his face was tilted to one side.

Syka even felt that his cheekbones were cracked.

"Don't… stop… I…"


It seemed that Justia didn't care about what Syka said, as she repeatedly punched him in the face.

The metal spikes collided with Syka's face, causing him extreme pain.





After a while, Justia stopped, Syka's handsome face was seriously disfigured.

His face was covered in blood. If anyone saw him, they probably wouldn't be able to tell if it was Syka or not.

Syka lay on his back, panting. He couldn't move and couldn't speak.

Justia walked up to him, looked down and said: "Farewell, Syka. Don't worry, you'll meet Selvia in hell."


About an hour later, a group of security guards and company employees immediately entered this floor.

They didn't care about the unconscious people outside the hallway as they quickly headed to Syka's office.




"Manager! Manager!" A security guard repeatedly banged on the door and shouted.

However, there was no response from inside. The security guard immediately turned his head to look at the people standing behind him.

Those people understood what needed to be done, then, they immediately broke down the door.


As soon as the door was broken, revealing the space inside, a female employee following these security guards screamed in fear.

The security guards who saw the scene before their eyes also remained silent, their eyes showing fear, as they were stunned.

In the room, Syka's body was hung on the wall like a cross by four large nails, which were driven through his wrists and ankles.

Blood flowed from the wound,it ran along the wall and dripped on the floor like a waterfall.

Not stopping there, there was also a line written in blood on the wall.

"Justice has been served"

Two days after Syka's death, the police continued to investigate who the murderer was.

All cameras around the Phoenix building were viewed no less than 10 times but they could still not find the culprit's whereabouts.

The killer was like a ghost, no one knew who he was or why he killed Syka.

Syka was one of the most handsome and talented men in the city, his death startled the entire city and they mourned him.

However, there were a few people who didn't seem to care about Syka's death.


At a certain funeral, an extremely luxurious coffin was placed in the middle, surrounded by many flowers.

There were no priests.

No one attended the funeral.

There was only one woman sitting next to the coffin, resting her head on it.

She had fiery red hair and a body with extremely seductive curves. Her face was as beautiful as an angel but it radiated the aura of a strong queen.

Only one word came to mind when anyone saw her- "Mommy".

However, her face showed sadness and pain, her eyes had also turned red from crying.

Lathel saw the woman through the screen and felt a little guilty.

He knew that woman, no, to be more precise, their relationship was quite complicated.

According to the setting in that world, Saphyel was Lathel's adoptive mother, there was no blood relationship between them.

And of course, Saphyel was also one of the heroines in that world.

Lathel felt that … Saphyel was the most normal Heroine in that world.

In fact, Saphyel's problem was very simple, as long as Lathel dies, her problem would disappear.

Yes, Saphyel was a heroine, however, she had an adopted child, which stopped the male protagonist from approaching her.

Besides... Saphyel pampered Lathel very much, whatever was best for him, she would provide it to him.

It could be said... even if he wanted the moon, Saphyel would pick the moon for him.

It seems... Lathel was Saphyel's purpose in life.

Therefore, if he dies, Saphyel would also be freed, and the male protagonist can also approach her.

Of course, that's why Lathel didn't see Saphyel much. During the 5 years he was in that world, the number of times he and Saphyel had met was probably only about 10.

What he couldn't understand was that even though he wanted to see her, she always avoided him. But as long as he wanted something. Saphyel would buy it for him.

However, Saphyel's plot was quite special, Lathel didn't need to come into contact with her or do anything, so he didn't need to see her much.

Now, upon seeing that the only person who appeared at his funeral was Saphyel he felt a bit embarrassed.

Saphyel wore a black dress, she sat next to Lathel's coffin, she put her head on the edge of the coffin, while crying and looking at his face.

At this moment, Lathel lay in the coffin, a peaceful expression was on his face as if he was sleeping, and this made Saphyel even more heartbroken.

She reached out and caressed his cold face, muttering: "Lathel, sorry. I wasn't by your side, sorry... it's all my fault."

"If I had stayed by your side, if I could protect you better, you wouldn't die."

"Lathel… sorry… sorry…"

Suddenly, Saphyel leaned towards Lathel, her face only about 10 cm from his.

Saphyel held his face with both of her hands, then… her red lips gently touched Lathel's cold lips.

The kiss was like a dragonfly gliding across the water, as their lips quickly separated as soon as they touched.

"Lathel… it wasn't until you died that I had the courage to say this."

"Maybe… if you heard what I was about to say, you would feel that I am a dirty, disgusting woman."

"I think I'll keep this secret until I die. I will keep my feelings for you until I am in the coffin."

"Sorry… I am only telling you this, I mean … I love you…"

"Lathel, the feelings I have for you are not the feelings between a mother and a son, it is the feelings between a man and a woman."

"I have realized this since you were 16 years old. At that time, I tried to control my emotions but it was all meaningless."

"The more I am with you, the more intense my emotions explode, so I try to avoid you."

"I'm afraid that if I see you, I won't be able to control my emotions."

"Sorry… you must think I'm a disgusting and rotten mother, right?"

Saphyel caressed Lathel's face, smiling painfully: "But... I thought carefully. Because I did not appreciate you, God took you away."

"If there is an afterlife… even if we are related by blood… I won't care about what people say… I will pursue you with all my heart and soul…"

"Lathel… I… love you…"

Saphyel bowed her head and kissed Lathel's lips again.


Suddenly, Saphyel felt like something hard hit her head and she felt dizzy.

Bright red drops of blood flowed from the top of her head down to her face, her chin and then onto Lathel's face.

Saphyel slowly turned her head, and her eyes met a blonde woman with an extremely beautiful face, wearing a sports outfit.

And... the most unique thing about her was that she was holding a hammer in her hand.